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Make Room for Peace: our Weapons are the Words, Actions, Mind and Love

The Democracy in Practice (DiP) Team composed of Andrea, Danae, Elena, Eleonora, Evrim, Johanna, Lia, May, Noemi, Sora, and Zeynep, is part of an AEGEE-Europe Project that has one of AEGEE’s experienced Project Managers, and candidate for the Comité Directeur at the Spring Agora Bergamo, Lia Tuska from AEGEE-Kastoria. In this article, the founder of the aforementioned Greek antenna tells… Read more →

#JeSuisHumain (I’m human)

Friday, January 9th. It has been only two days since the atrocious massacre that happened in Paris. On Wednesday morning, the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were assaulted, leaving 12 people dead and many others seriously injured. Among the victims were five cartoonists, which were recognized for their talents and also for being openly acid, irreverent and provocative.… Read more →

A black day for Bulgaria

Every day we are bumping into news about violence… And they somehow pass by us. Hundreds of dead people in Syria, plane crash in Nigeria or army beating protesting people in Egypt. We are so used to hear them that somehow we have stopped realising what they mean. We have stopped till the moment it happens in our “home.” As… Read more →