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Member of the month Lavinia Manea: “Volunteerism is not something we do only when we are young and inexperienced”

The Member of the Month of April is…Lavinia Manea from AEGEE-București! “Volunteerism is not just a word” according to Lavinia, and she proved that by being an active member, not only on the local level, but also on the European one and having key roles in the WDEE (Where Does Europe End) and Y Vote projects and working as Content… Read more →

YVote 2014 Convention in Wien

Earlier this month, 32 young people from all around Europe gathered in one of Europe’s economic, political and cultural capitals, Vienna, to participate in the sixth Y Vote 2014 Convention, the topic of which was about the role of the EU in the world. A very important subject since, in the context of eurocrisis and rising euroscepticism we are facing… Read more →

YVote2014 Convention on Youth (Un)Employment in Agrigento

Youth unemployment is on the main agenda in many EU member states, particularly in Greece, Spain and Portugal, where an alarming number of young people are unemployed. The YVote2014 Convention in Agrigento addressed this topic with 25 people from different EU contries. Youth unemployment is on the agenda of all European governments, and also of the European Union. In order… Read more →

Recently updated antenna, AEGEE-Valladolid, has a lot of experience already

At Autumn Agora Zaragoza one of the Contact antennae that was upgraded was former Local of the Month AEGEE-Valladolid. An antenna that in its short lifespan in AEGEE has been organizing many things, such as Renove 2.0, Travel Summer University (TSU) together with AEGEE-Madrid and the Y Vote 2014 kick off conference a few months ago. AEGEE-Valladolid have recently been… Read more →