“My driving force is helping others and sharing experience, which aligns with the tasks of the Network Commission, to support the locals in any reasonable way.” ~ Aleksandra Rachwalska

Can you believe it? Agora Novi-Sad is already starting this week! But before you enjoy an amazing time there we want to introduce you to Aleksandra Rachwalska from AEGEE-Groningen. She is running to become a member of the NetCom and has already a vast amount of experience in AEGEE matters on both the local and the European level! Hey, for… Read more →

“AEGEE has faced problems before, and solutions were always found. With the right approach, namely trying to find Interim CD members and sufficient assistance I do believe that our term can be a successful one.” ~ Paul van Hoorn

Hello our dear AEGEEans! This time we have another candidate that will be at the Agora in Novi Sad and his name is Paul van Hoorn and t he applied for the Comité Directeur. DISCLAIMER: THIS INTERVIEW WAS FINISHED BEFORE THE NEWS WAS KNOWN OF AEGEE LOSING THE OPERATING GRANT! Welcome, can you tell us who you are? What are… Read more →

“I believe myself to be a critical thinker, who wants to understand the core of issues. I am not afraid to ask questions, and am keen on listening to both sides and fact-finding before forming my own opinion about something.” ~ Kirsten Broekema

Hello, again, our dear AEGEEans! We have another candidate who will be at the Agora in Novi Sad and her name is Kirsten Broekema applying for the position of Member of the Mediation Commission.  Hello, can you introduce yourself to the AEGEE-network? When did you join AEGEE and what were your best experiences with AEGEE so far? Hi everyone! My… Read more →

“I will strive to highlight these issues in the internal forum and create some possibilities for common online debates or separated offline ones.” ~ Wojciech Krywult

The NetCom is one of the most important bodies of our organisation and we are excited to introduce you to one of the candidates. Wojciech Krywult not only has many useful skills for the position but also big ideas. Find out more about him and his motivation for becoming member of the NetCom!  Me with my best friend Karina Makara… Read more →

“I have some actions to improve this in my program as I really think communication between locals and audit can help in some financial situations for the local.” ~ Job Velthuis

Hello again dear AEGEEans! We had the pleasure of interviewing another candidate that will be at the Agora in Novi Sad. It’s Job Velthuis and the position he applied for is the Audit Commission. Hello, can you introduce yourself to the AEGEE-network? When did you join AEGEE and what were your best experiences with AEGEE so far? I am Job… Read more →

“I can say that I am a good negotiator, I can keep calm in crises, and I can lead teams in a very efficient way.” ~ Ershat Turan Muradov

Agora is fast approaching and in this article we present to you Ershat Turan Muradov. He has a lot of experience in team work and is planning to initiate a PR campaign for AEGEE once he is elected. Find out more about Ershat’s candidature here! Welcome, can you tell us who you are? What are your experiences with AEGEE and… Read more →

“Honestly, I am really looking forward to fulfilling my plans. Mostly the one about advocacy for fundraising on the European level for both local and European projects, because we really need it.” ~ Filip Brunclík

Today we are introducing Filip Brunclík from AEGEE-Praha to you! He is applying for the position of Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe. With his background in financial advising, he certainly has the skills necessary for the job. Keep on reading and find out more about his motivations! Hey, for the beginning could you introduce yourself to your fellow AEGEEans?  Hey, of… Read more →

“The main goal is to get AEGEEans involved in Mental Health.” ~ Carlos G. Gredilla

Hello dear AEGEEans! There are many amazing candidates for this Agora, making it a certainty that Novi-Sad will be something to remember! Getting to meet them has been a joy, and we can assure you that you will love them! Today, we present to you Carlos G. Gredilla, candidate for Mental Health Working Group Coordinator. Coming from a small coastal… Read more →

“The nitpicking nature of the law and the ways of the interpretation excite me. ” ~ Ruslan Kvitnevyi

Spring Agora 2022 is starting soon and it’s finally happening in-person again! Are you as excited for Novi Sad as we are? If yes, then don’t stop reading now! As you know, the Agora is not only about having fun but also an important event for our organisation because elections are taking place there. Today we are presenting one of… Read more →