Climate Refugees: so close to the goal, so far from living with rights.

The annual displacement of millions of persons around the globe due to environmental disasters must be addressed. More and more individuals are facing droughts, famines, floods, fires and so on, of increasing intensity. They just must leave the place they call home, for a better future. The journey is often uncertain, characterized by crossings in risky and unstable areas. Even… Read more →

Political Activism Working Group: “The normalisation of online events has broadened the opportunities to engage (young) Europeans differently”

“Political Activism Focus Area aims to inform young people about the realities of European politics and society and provide them with the tools necessary to become independent citizens able to act.” ( Ever felt like it was impossible to fit other people into your schedule? Well, it’s something you have in common with this working group! But despite the difficulties… Read more →

Mental Health Working Group: “Mental health was always an extremely important topic that wasn’t getting enough attention”

“Mental Health Focus area aims to act against mental health stigmatisation and support mental well-being. While tackling the topic of mental well-being, promote awareness and offer support networks and tools. More attention to mental well-being and a safer space inside AEGEE” ( These people have only been working together for six months, but there is no denying the fact that… Read more →

“AEGEE has absorbed me fully” ~ Member of the Month, January 2021, Ruslan Kvitnevyi.

“Excuse me, is this a joke? I can’t be a member of the month, I’m not THAT active.” (Ruslan Kvitnevyi, 2021) I honestly believed that I had found myself with no person to interview and that this January would be member-of-the-month-less. But it turns out our interviewee is just like that, such a modest person – and admittedly, has a… Read more →

“Everyone can be the best” ~ Local of the Month, January 2021, AEGEE-Plzeň.

These are challenging months, in which the AEGEE-spirit is challenged on a daily basis – and it’s hard thinking about being the best. And because of that, our Local of the Month could not have arrived at a better moment! AEGEE-Plzeň beat all adversities and kept moving forward – an alive antenna is coming from a dead one if that… Read more →

Climate Emergency Working Group: “The actions have overpassed the expectations, and the best is yet to come”

“The Focus Area of Climate Emergency aims to educate young people and empower them to practice active citizenship in order to contribute to the green transition, understood as the individual and collective measures that need to be taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe” ( The (almost) middle of their term seemed like the perfect moment to take a look at… Read more →

Social Equity Working Group: “The pandemic has increased inequality in a lot of aspects so there are many things to do to help to achieve equity”

“Social Equity Focus Area aims to make young people aware of discrimination based on place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, and take action to promote equity from an intersectional perspective. Raise awareness, position itself and take action to tackle discrimination from an intersectional perspective, with the aim of promoting social equity” ( It has been 6 months since… Read more →

“Our aim with the (online) exchanges was to keep the international vibes, which are so quintessential to AEGEE, alive” ~ AEGEE Tartu

They showed how one can look beyond the unfortunate current situation and still embrace the AEGEE Spirit to its fullest by organising Online Exchanges all over the Network!  They’ve been a great example to follow: meeting new people and connecting with AEGEEans, discovering different cultures, all from the comfort of your home. We are happy to announce the Local of… Read more →