The Future takes place in Yerevan! A conversation with the organising team of the spring Agora 2020.

This time the future of AEGEE takes place in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, a small country in the middle of the Caucasus mountain range. As with every spring, AEGEE will choose new people to be in elected positions in Europe and new steps will be taken towards the progress of Europe. Participants following the motto of the event,… Read more →

Member of the month, January 2020: Franjo Lovro Popović!

He was the main organiser of NWM Zagreb, deals with Changemakers Academy Project, was a member of the Mediation Commission of AEGEE Europe and is now a member of the ERWG. We’d like to Congratulate Franjo Lovro Popović, the Member of the Month, January 2020! Congratulations on being awarded the Member of the Month! We’re all eager to hear your… Read more →

Local of the month, January 2020: AEGEE Valencia!

January sees the dawn of a new Local of the Month, and this time it’s AEGEE Valencia! After a month of celebrations in December, they decided to promote January as a month of health, having people tag AEGEE Valencia into their stories of a healthy lifestyle. We’d like to congratulate them for all the work they’re putting into AEGEE!  Congratulations… Read more →

EPM Barcelona: The first step of the decade towards social inclusion

Tomorrow, hundreds of people will gather in Barcelona pursuing their dream of building a better, more inclusive Europe. During AEGEE’s second biggest event, the European Planning Meeting, all AEGEEans will work together to develop the Action Agenda for the upcoming year. Social Inclusion will be the main topic to work on, approaching three different perspectives. The AEGEEan Magazine has had… Read more →

HRC, The AEGEEan, and Netcom are really proud to present the Member of the month, December 2019!

She is an active trainer with AEGEE academy, delivering amazing professional sessions. She is also a project coordinator for MINT, a name that most of you know, we’re happy to present to you the Member of the Month, December 2019, Desireé van Langen! Congratulations on being awarded Member of the Month! We’re all eager to hear your AEGEE story. I… Read more →

HRC, The AEGEEan, and Netcom are really proud to present the Local of the month!

They were a perfect model for what AEGEE stands for, breaking stereotypes and organising an amazing and inclusive event, ensuring that everyone felt safe. As often with events of this scale, a crisis is just around the corner, but the team managed to have a successful event despite the difficulties. We, the HRC, NetCom, and The AEGEEan are happy to… Read more →

Interrail Adventure 2019: Choo Choo!!

Who doesn’t like trains! They are fast, comfortable, and sustainable compared to flying. Our member, Leon Kogel, supported one of AEGEE’s biggest projects, Europe on Track, and won an interrail ticket. And here’s the story of his summer adventure! Hi, my name is Leon. I am a 22-year-old chemistry student and a member of AEGEE-Aachen. This summer I had the… Read more →

Ho Ho Ho! A look behind the curtains in the CD house shows who’s been naughty and nice!

As the Christmas holidays are here, this is a good occasion for AEGEE members to get to know the Comité Directeur a bit better and have a look behind the curtains of what’s happening in the AEGEE House! 2020 marks almost half of a term challenging and intense, yes, but also greatly rewarding and full of all sorts of experiences.… Read more →