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Regional Identity Conference, León, Spain
WDEE project & AEGEE-León
31st October – 6th November, 2010

In the beginning of 2009, a small group of AEGEE members took on the quest for the borders of Europe: not only the geographical borders, but also the cultural, the ethnical, the political ones. Which borders do we, European citizens, have in our mind when we talk about Europe, our continent? A difficult question, a deep question, and definitely worth talking about in our pan-European environment…

After Kőszeg (H), İzmir (TR) and Ogre (LV), the fourth conference of this project took place in León at the extreme end of our continent. With 20 participants, 8 project team people, one CD representative and a number of local organisers we screened the local population of Castilla y León, talking to more than 600 people between 13 and 80 years old on the streets of León and Valladolid, and gaining a valuable insight into their vision of Europe, which we afterwards discussed among ourselves. It was interesting to see that there are indeed some differences compared to the results of earlier conferences in different locations!

As a second part of the conference, we took a look at the topic of regional identity, which is a virulent matter of discussion not only in Spain, but in wide parts of Europe itself. Of course we had a close look at the history of today’s region of Castilla y León, even having the opportunity to speak to the President of the regional Parliament in his own house (meaning of course the Cortes de Castilla y León). But we also dived into Europe, looking at the home regions of all participants, and talking about their particular identity. For sure it was a more than instructive experience for all of us. And of course we can not forget that apart from a conference, this was also a great exchange event with people from more than 15 countries having a superb time together!

Thanks to the WDEE project team, who were working day and night to make everything as great as it was, and to AEGEE-León for being there when they were needed, and providing us with very entertaining city tours in León and Valladolid! Looking forward to the next conference now: about Human Rights in Europe, the first week of February in Lund, Sweden!

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