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The Agora: some might sloppily refer to it as AEGEE’s place where the magic happens, others describe it as the stakeholders conference for AEGEE. It is not an average stakeholders conference though, because some people just come for parties and we do not all dress to impress.

The issue with suiting up for the Agora is more than just rolling your eyes about Dutch people (but hey, it’s still part of the deal). You can also spot the CD, Chair Team, and JC wearing suits. Our very own Mr. President, Alfredo, thinks this is absolutely necessary because they function as a business card towards external representatives;  but also for all the members attending their first Agora, unsure whether they really have to work on something or just wait to get drunk at the European Night.

El Presidente admits that he does not feel particularly more powerful when wearing a suit (and why would he, he already is the most powerful man in AEGEE). If others feel more confident all dressed up and are mentally prepared for some fierce discussions, he sees no reason for people not to wear suits. Back in the good old days, it was fairly normal for people to look all fancy during the Agora. So does this show some appreciation towards the people from a flat little country who sit front row, looking important and ask tough questions?

It could mean this if it were not for two other reasons: Even if you look all professional with your tie, but still do not actively take part in the discussions in the Agora, looks can deceive nobody. And you should wear what you feel confident in: You want to change the world in your pajama’s? Great, go for it.

And then there is the crucial reason why suits do not always make a man: Even in a suit you can look like a walking felony.

His Italian heart shatters into pieces when Alfredo sees suits combined with worn-out flip flops. “A suit has a personality and has to be respected”. Yes, dear Dutchies: if you make an effort to bring your suit, don’t leave your matching shoes, socks and belt at home!
So dear reader, see you in the front row of the plenary room! When you get ready for the Agora and pack your bags, do not forget your hard-working spirit and the reason why AEGEE exists (we wanted to contribute to a better civil society in Europe, not just get wasted). And besides the fact that suits might be a babe magnet, it might just help you remember that you are here to discuss, make yourself be heard, and have an impact. Bottom line: leave that third bottle of hard liquor at home and bring your suit, shiny shoes and classy socks as well.

written by Yvonne Antonovic, AEGEE Utrecht


  1. Liliya Buyukliyska (6 years ago)

    I defenatelly preffer wearing Toga at Agora but since they never happen in warm places as Athina maybe is better to wear suits. Or warm leather clothes for super mega cold Netherlands. Especially if we sleep in tents again :) How the suit fits the tent :) That’s a question for a whole article :)

  2. Alberto (6 years ago)

    Great article on a topic that some times is taken toooo seriously xD

    I still remember the ‘passionate’ discussion in the life streaming web when we were charing in Alicante on our Chair Team t-shirst xD

    said this, i love wearing suits!

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