Yvonne Antonovic

My name is Yvonne and I am a proofreader for the AEGEEan. I have been a member of AEGEE-Utrecht for four years. I have proofread for Key to Europe and am currently the Secretary of the Agora. I hope you all enjoy the articles which bring a little bit of AEGEE spirit to you even when you have to wait a while for the next event to start.

The Shame of Fame

There are lots of things people like about being a member of our beloved association. The friendships we make, places we discover, European Nights some unfortunate souls do not remember, and the familiarity. AEGEE is a little world where lots of people seem to know each other.  You go to an event, meet new people, and, after the other introduces… Read more →

WDEE – The Final Conference

The “Where Does Europe End” – project  (WDEE) has proved to be an AEGEE success story; there have been multiple events all over Europe throughout the last years. Participants have been exploring how the European youth perceive their continent; tried to find out into which direction Europe is heading (about enlargement for example); and also discussed the development of the… Read more →

Jana Pokorna

The AEGEEan proudly presents the new member of the month: Jana Pokorna from AEGEE-Praha and AEGEE-Istanbul! Even though her reaction was “Me? Oh my God! Why?”, I am sure all those who ever had the pleasure to work with her will know exactly why she deserves this prestigious nomination. Dear network, meet the lady who works hard for AEGEE both… Read more →

Meet the new JC president

Dear Network, meet another Italian president:  Ermanno Napolitano, the new president of the Juridical Commission whom you have given an amazing 93,3% of your votes. During the introduction of the Chair Team and JC at the Agora Skopje, you clearly had the loudest and most passionate applause. (Ermanno is a bit shy now) It is strange and emotional every time… Read more →

Nothing suits you like a suit

The Agora: some might sloppily refer to it as AEGEE’s place where the magic happens, others describe it as the stakeholders conference for AEGEE. It is not an average stakeholders conference though, because some people just come for parties and we do not all dress to impress. The issue with suiting up for the Agora is more than just rolling… Read more →

Chair Team Meeting

The grey Brussels sky greeted me as I arrive at the CD house on a Friday in September.  The greeting from the CD inside was a lot warmer though. Upstairs in the social room Percin was already discussing proposals with Edu and Ermanno from the JC. I just had time to put my bags in a corner and the work… Read more →