Jana Pokorna

The AEGEEan proudly presents the new member of the month: Jana Pokorna from AEGEE-Praha and AEGEE-Istanbul! Even though her reaction was “Me? Oh my God! Why?”, I am sure all those who ever had the pleasure to work with her will know exactly why she deserves this prestigious nomination. Dear network, meet the lady who works hard for AEGEE both day and night.

How did you join AEGEE?
During my Erasmus in Bolu, I met some AEGEE people and I loved what they did for the community. The President contacted AEGEE-Praha and I joined when I returned home. I interned in Istanbul and saw the Autumn Agora with all its preparations and AEGEE spirit. I taught English for AEGEE-Istanbul.

You have been a member for a little more than one year now and already have a stunning track record. You revived the Visa Freedom Working Group, were the Fair Manager for the Agora, are part of the Eastern Partnership Team, and you are the Content Manager for the EBM. How can you possibly manage all of this?
The Visa Freedom Working Group was improved due to the Working Group Reform accepted in Skopje. We have four board members and more projects running, so this is a big relief for me. In the Eastern Partnership Project I am responsible for the Citizenship Pillar and I take care of the deadlines and organise meetings which is not that time-consuming.
It really motivates me if work is in progress, things work smoothly, and people respond to their email. Other than that I only need passion, enough coffee and deadline stress.

What improvements would you like to see in AEGEE?
I want people to be more active. It is not about the money. My friends and family do not always understand why I put so much time in AEGEE when I could also work in the meantime, but I’d rather do something fulfilling and have two part-time jobs instead.

What is your occupation outside the AEGEE bubble?
I just finished my second degree in International Relations and EU studies. At first I studied English and Russian for commercial purposes. Right now, I am looking for a job. Until finding a full-time job, I give tours on a castle in the weekends and visit my friends and family regularly – my life is full of excitement!

What makes you happy?
I like being useful and contributing to a cause. I enjoy stories, talking as well as listening, solving problems for other people, and I really enjoy tricky questions that challenge me to think hard. I would like to achieve something big and AEGEE is a part of this mission.

What upsets you?
People who ignore orders and show up late. I grew up in a small village and that might be the reason why I do not like gossips (although I like taking care of the gossip box during events).

A strong dislike for people running late and being unable to take orders makes you sound like you are mentally German.
I definitely am! (laughs)

What was the moment during which you felt the strongest AEGEE spirit?
During the Agora in Alicante when the video for the Visa Freedom Working Group was shown and everyone was clapping. But I also like group pictures (for instance during the SU and during the Planning Meeting in Poznan).

Your motto is “Life is my playground”. What is your favorite thing on a playground?
I am competitive and I like ball games and contact games. When I was little, I used to have more guyfriends than girlfriends. I guess I was more the Lisa Simpson kind of student getting straight A’s.


Thank you Jana for all your passion and dedication towards our association!

Written by Yvonne Antonović, AEGEE-Utrecht