People from Opole already joined the AEGEE society

When I heard the Polish city of  Opole is the newest addition to our network I was really happy. During my Erasmus in Wrocław I only saw it when passing by by train. Getting a hold of M. K. was not easy, he is busy doing many interesting things. Take a look at how AEGEE is getting popular in Opole.

How did you hear about AEGEE?

I have heard about AEGEE in Stuttgart where I did my Erasmus and I became a member of AEGEE-Stuttgart.

Was it hard to form a team?

It wasn’t hard because many people from Opole want to join AEGEE. Most of my friends are really interested in AEGEE and each meeting has more and more members.

What was  the biggest challenge on the way to joining the network?

Honestly, becoming a contact antenna was really easy. Members from Opole were really motivated to become a contact antenna and we did a great job.

1178796Have you ever been to an AEGEE event? If so, what motivated you?

Yes, I have been to an AEGEE event, it was really great. I was in Romania twice for a Summer University. Upon returning to Poland I decided to found an AEGEE contact in my city. I was motivated because I missed AEGEE.

What do you plan to be your first ev

We plan a local training course (LTC) for our members. This event will also serve as recruitment for new members in Opole.

Which of the projects or Main Fields of Action do you like best?

Summer Universities, because you can see more of Europe and meet many interesting people.

Do you have experience in a non-governmental organisation?

Yes, I was a member of two scientific clubs throughout university. I was a programmer and technician for .NET and InfoVOLT. I coorganised IT days where we invited many software specialists. InfoVolt is connected to AEGEE in Opole.

opole_nocaWhere you the driving force behind the process? If so, what motivates you?

Yes, I was the driving force behind founding a contact antenna in Opole. I am motivated because when I saw how AEGEE works in Stuttgart, I wanted to see AEGEE at Opole University of Technology where I’m a PhD student.

Tell our readers something.

Feel free to visit Opole for our first European event! Everyone is always welcome in Opole!

Written by Liliya Buyukliyska, AEGEE-Sofia