Member of the Month: Sylwia Ksiazek – for the great team and motivation

I would like to propose as the Member of the Month Sylwia Książek and her organised T4T in Warszawa from 15th-22nd of April 2012. It gathered 23 young and active participants, 5 trainers and countless number of organisers who put their soul into that event. Sylwia have been involved with that project for a year and she didn’t give up. That week was amazing. That week was life changing for many people. That week will stay unforgettable! And that would not have been possible without Sylwia and her team.”

AEGEEan: Did you expect it after such a successful T4T?
Sylwia: From the beginning the whole group worked to make this project successful. It wouldn’t be possible without our professional trainers and great participants.

Well, confess us – is it easy to make T4T. We heard you got the project not approved but nevertheless you keep on trying. What makes you so motivated?
My team, my team and again my team.

Is it hard to form a good team?
I think that it is not easy to create a good team. However, it is possible. A lot depends on  people, who are in the team, but very much also depends on the coordinator. What is more : integration is very important. We did it very well.

So what is the secret to keep a team motivated?
In our case it was engaging the team in decision making process. I consulted with my team a lot about decisions.

What did this T4T gave you and what did you learn?
I learned how to manage a team and how to manage the project. The most important experience was international cooperation.

If you have to depict the event in a sentence what it would be?
Happiness is the product of an effort  to make someone else happy.

What is the next project you are already looking for?
Now, of course, I fight with the exam session. After holidays I am going to take care of one HR project.

And you personally – what are your plans for the summer? Do they include some SU?
I have a lot of interesting plans for holidays – traveling, traveling and work. Unfortunately, I’m not going to any SU, but I’m going for a Leadership Summer School.

Thank you. We are sure we will hear again for AEGEE-Warszawa!

Written by Liliya Buyukliyska, AEGEE-Sofia

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