Not So Sorry for Party Rocking

“Let’s create the Party Hard Working Group” was the Facebook Status update from AEGEE-Oviedo member Gerardo García Díaz, and in the blink of an eye the “(Unnofficial) Party Hard Working Group” was created!

This Working Group (WG) was started by Gerardo García Díaz from AEGEE-Oviedo, Zoi from AEGEE-Athina and Beata Matuszka from AEGEE-Budapest who all took part in the AEGEE-Oviedo Summer University “SUperaction V – The Celtic challenge” last year, 2011.

How it all began

However, it all actually began before the Summer University (SU), when they started posting some cool songs in the Facebook group gathering the participants and organisers. What the three of them soon realised was that they were probably going to be the party animals of that SU and then, they took the responsibility of providing awesome music for the warm summer nights in Spain. Gerardo started with posting “Save the world” by Swedish House Mafia in the Facebook group May 22nd 2011, and a little more than a month afterwards he came up with the idea of creating the (unofficial) Party Hard Working Group.

Why was it started?

When then were given the question about why it was started the answer was clear: to share the party spirit and enthusiasm with as many people as possible, and the presidents really do work hard; “Besides being presidents of this Working Group and partying hard on every occasion (e.g. during AEGEE events), we also want to show others how to do the same! We would like to see people express themselves through music!” Zoi laughs.

Not exactly planning to become official

When asked if they would like to become an official Working Group the answer was no, with a smile. “Not really, this is not our intention. That is why we have named the group “Unofficial” Party Hard Working Group. We started it for fun and we will continue this way. We do not even think it would match the more serious profiles of other Working Groups of AEGEE. Although we all know that the parties are and will always be important for AEGEE, we still want to keep our WG unofficial,” Zoi contines.

One board – Three presidents

What also is quite untypical about this WG is that the board is unique, consisting of three presidents. In the name of democracy all three founders were named presidents, making it the only body in AEGEE with three equal leaders. However, that it also about as close to being a real Working Group that it gets. There is no mailing list, just the fun fan page in Facebook, and everyone can become a member of this WG by simply clicking the magic “Like” button.

In the end it is all just one big AEGEE (party) family.

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København