Climate Impacts Day at the Agora Enschede

In AEGEE, we are used to a lot of action days – or weeks, or months – to raise awareness for different topics or to encourage people to become active. Whether it is the Higher Education Days, the European Day of Environment or the

Logo of the Climate Impacts Day

Youth in Action Months, it is easier to activate people for a certain issue if you can focus on it for a specific period of time and offer them specific guidelines on how to get going.

During the Spring Agora Enschede, another worldwide action day took place, the Climate Impact Day. In the last decades, the man-made impact on climate became stronger and stronger. Unusual weather events are recorded all over the world, though people do not often make the link between these local events, rising CO2-emissions, and the changing climate worldwide. The aim of the Climate Impact Day is therefore to help people to “connect the dots”, to realise how the climate is changing and that global action has to be taken.

With the Environmental Working Group (EnWG), we wanted to add another dot to the picture by getting all Agora participants into one big dot and taking a photo of it. Fortunately we had the support of the

The Agora participants form a climate dot

amazing Agora organisers and could use the opportunity of the big group picture on the first day of the Agora to gather everybody into our climatedot; a dot that includes all participants, symbolising that we are all part of the change — and hopefully also of the solution.

We want to thank the participants as well as the organisers for the picture and are happy to see green topics becoming more and more mainstream.

Written by Hans-Peter Bretz, AEGEE-Aachen