Ciao from the Comité Directeur Intern Claudia Fiorentino

You might have seen her picture in a Comité Directeur (CD) telegram and wondered who is she.

You might have recognised her face at the Agora and still wondered who is she.

Now The AEGEEan will give you the opportunity to get to know Claudia, the girl who entered the CD House in March for an internship.


Name: Claudia Fiorentino

Age: 25

Origin: Napoli, Italy

Profession: Comité Directeur Intern

Studies: degree in October 2011 in European Studies

Characterising adjectives: outgoing, friendly and challenge-lover

Passions:  80’s music and dancing.


In November 2011, Claudia applied to the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. In December, she won it and this grant gave her the possibility to work in the international cooperation field.

Working in a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) has always been my dream.  After the enthusiasm of finding this programme, I had to do job interview in French and to send my CV. I was selected depending on it and due to different internship experiences I  made in NATO and United Nations, as well as the results of my graduation. The second step has been a job interview in English through Skype with Alfredo Sellitti, former President of -Europe, and Alma Mozgovaja, the Secretary General.  And here I am!” explains Claudia, who agreed to answer some questions of The AEGEEan.

Did you know AEGEE before? Were you active in other associations?

I have never known AEGEE, and I have never worked in NGOs or volunteering associations. My priority was the university and to finish my studies as soon as possible!

Was it easy to settle in the CD House?

At first it was difficult for me to adapt in the CD office, also because I had to learn everything about AEGEE-Europe. I had team-building sessions for three weeks with everyone from the CD, but after that I established a good relationship with everybody. They are so lovely!  Every day is a surprise in the CD House!

What has been your best/funniest experience?

The best experience was the Agora,  because we all shared important emotions,  like the election of Luis Alvarado Martinez as the next President of AEGEE-Europe.  Moreover, meeting a lot of people coming from all over the European continent doesn’t happen every day!

How this work contributed to your professional development and the organisation?

Personally, I improved my English, I managed to organise my job and for the first time I got to know what it means working in an office, in a team. In general,  I am satisfied  about my job during these four months for AEGEE, because I worked with enthusiasm with my team!

Working with “Patrons” took a relevant part of your time. Could you explain the importance of this?

To work for “Patrons” has been fantastic for me! Call and speak with the assistant or secretary of a big personality is very exciting. In my opinion, Patrons are crucial because thanks to their support, AEGEE can increase its importance and develop an international image also helping  to keep in contact with the most important international institutions.

As an external, what did you notice as main strength and weakness of AEGEE?

In general,  I am glad that I have worked for AEGEE. Its strength is the large number of members that it reaches, enforcing the organisation. In my opinion,  the weakness is  the lack of awareness about the importance of Patrons and European institutions; to keep always in contact with them is important to develop an increasing international image of AEGEE.

What did the AEGEE experience gave you?

My experience was enriching from the professional , cultural and personal point of view ! It is a life experience that everybody should do!

But it is almost over.  Any ideas about the near future?

When I come back to my country, I think I will look for job opportunities, but first I want to enjoy my summer time for a while. And then, I think that guys of AEGEE-Napoli are waiting for me to join the antenna!

The AEGEEan wishes Claudia a fruitful last half-month in the CD and hopes to see her active in our organisation also in the future!

Written by Martina Zanero, AEGEE-Torino

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