Martina Zanero

The curious case of an Italian Netcommie in Germany

After serving as President in his local (AEGEE-Napoli) and as Subcommie in the Network Commission (NetCom) for a year, Claudio Armandi feels that becoming Network Commissioner is the most natural step, as he mentions in his candidature. In this interview, Claudio discusses his experiences, plans, goals and motivations. The AEGEEan: Being a Subcommissioner for one year, you should have learned… Read more →

Pink-blue bow for Den Haag

Meet the new contact of AEGEE-Europe in The Netherlands: Den Haag (in English – The Hague)!  “The Hague, also called the International City of Peace and Justice, is a very suitable city for an AEGEE-local. (…) The fact that the Peace Palace, the Humanity House and the Clingendael Institute of International Relations are located in this city gives numerous opportunities… Read more →

Do you know Mickey from AEGEE-Brescia?

Which Mickey were you thinking about when you opened this article? AEGEE-Brescia has a new Michele whose name may become well-known, as he is candidating for the Audit Commission (AC). The AEGEEan interviewed this Italian boy to get to know him better and his programme too. AEGEEan: Michele, can you tell us something about you? What do you do apart… Read more →

The Lithuanian train to the NetCom

Fast and precise, many carriages of experience, and a will to provide a good service – in other words, “To serve and protect”. The train metaphor matches the personality of Karolina Mazetyte from Kaunas, candidate for the Network Commission, who will introduce herself and her programme in the following interview for The AEGEEan. Karolina, can you tell something about yourself?… Read more →