Taking Pictures for The AEGEEan – AEGEE’s online book of memories

In the preparations of the Agora The AEGEEan is again looking for a responsible to capture moments on film during the Autumn Agora Budapest 2012. One possible photographer who is perfect to help out – Dasha Onokhova from AEGEE-Moskva. She took fantastic pictures at the EBM Izmir and has been working on the latest Key2Europe (K2E) so there is no doubt that she knows how to work a camera and what comes out of it.

Just like The AEGEEan gave the readers the opportunity to get to know the photographer Lea Charlet before Spring Agora Enschede, the journalist Patricia Anthony took the time to get to know Dasha and the reason behind her love of photography.

The AEGEEan: First of all, how did you find out about AEGEE?

Dasha: My friend told me about this organisation. He found AEGEE, when searching for some internship, but actually he is not so active anymore. But I am an active member in my antenna and I am trying to be even more active on the European level. I cannot imagine my life without AEGEE – it is my family. AEGEE brings a lot of opportunities, positive emotions, great people and love! All together we will make our future the best one!

You have recently been working on the K2E, how was that experience?

Working with the K2E was a good opportunity for me to become more active with AEGEE on European level and to work with an amazing and talented team! But it is complicated to work online, everybody doing his or her job, but they need to collaborate and understand each other in order to get great work in the end.

How long have you been interested in photography?

I started being interested in photography about three years ago, when my father bought a semi-professional reflex camera for his hobby, and it became my hobby too. Now this is a hobby which brings me money and shows my views to the world.

Why do you like photography?

Photography is my passion! For now I cannot live without my camera. Through the lens you see the world in a different perspective and you want to show this amazing world to everybody! In photography you can stop time, catch the emotion, capture the history, and make people happy with these memories!

Besides being an active AEGEE member and loving photography, what do you use your time for?

Besides AEGEE and photography I study interior and exterior design. I want to make the beauty of our world more functional, and more ecologically friendly. I am also a very active person, I love to be engaged in new activities every day and gain new knowledge.

Why were you interested in taking pictures for The AEGEEan?

Dasha took pictures like this during EBM and will behind the camera in Budapest again

First of all because AEGEE is my family, and The AEGEEan is like an album with all memories, but it is also a communication tool for members and the rest of the world. And this way of communication must be clear, informative and interesting. So I want to show AEGEE in a good way and make happy memories!

Dasha is going to be the one behind the lens in Budapest capturing all the moments on film! So make sure that you will stay tuned to the website, if you want to keep up with the live updates, pictures and possibly videos posted here and on Facebook. 

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København