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Member of the Month of April – Alice Bednářová

“She has been responsible for the successful revival of the Cultural European Night at the EBM”. Who is this mysterious person, you might be wondering? It is Alice Bednarova from AEGEE-London. The European Night during Autumn Agora Budapest raised many questions and gave way to many discussions. The Culture Working Group (CWG) has decided to take things under control starting… Read more →

New Year, New House, New Rules

New Year is the time of new beginnings. Following this beautiful tradition, AEGEE-Europe has decided to start the year on a new track in a new house. The old AEGEE office is well known for its bad condition. 15 different CDs, numerous Working Group meetings and endless AEGEEans from all over Europe have simply worn out the place. It is literally… Read more →

The Four Most Annoying Things About The Agora

Our reporter did some undercover research during yesterday’s Prytania and Plenaries. While secretly looking around, I found four things that many participants do while being under the falsely optimistic expression that nobody notices. 1. Sleeping The most obvious one which we – at one point or another – all have done: taking naps during sessions. Some are more openly doing… Read more →

In Memoriam: Frank Biancheri

It is a hard time for AEGEE now. While we should all be excited about our General Assembly starting tomorrow in Budapest, a call changed our mood. We were informed that Frank Biancheri, founder of AEGEE-Europe, had passed away on October 29th.   The members of AEGEE have reacted instantly to the news, sharing their memories of meeting him, remembering… Read more →

Olimpia Parje: Serve and Protect in MedCom

For most of you Olimpia Parje’s (AEGEE-Bucureşti) name is already known, and her list of previous positions in AEGEE both on local and European level is quite outstanding. This time Olimpia is offering her help in Mediation Commission (MedCom) where she has put her candidature forward. Besides of reading the usual questions and answers in her candidature application, we asked her… Read more →

Let’s make Antenna Criteria more clear!

The current Network Commission (NetCom) team as well as the previous Network Director Jüri Kirpu have prepared a proposal for the upcoming Fall Agora Budapest 2012 about the antenna criteria. You can read the proposal itself here. The AEGEEan gives you an opportunity to better understand the idea behind the proposal and the planned changes.  “The proposal will aim at improving the… Read more →