AEGEE offices across Europe

AEGEE is a voluntary organisation, you probably know that. What you probably also know is that the organisation is made up by different boards across Europe who have board meetings at many different locations.


Some locals are so fortunate to be having offices in the university of their city.  For example AEGEE-León has a big office right next to the international office in their university, ensuring that many students, national and international pass by the office of AEGEE-León probably more than once in their time at the university. Another active antenna not so far from León, AEGEE-Zaragoza, has a smaller but probably likewise much visited office in the building that holds other student organisations from the Jamón loving city.

An office for every occasion

AEGEE-Beograd also has an office in their university, more specific in the Faculty of Mining and Geology and it is mostly used for board meetings and from time to time for meetings when the antenna works on some specific project. The office is small and for that reason AEGEE-Beograd has yet another office that they use for bigger meetings with the help of the Student Union of Serbia. As if that was not enough then they also have a third location which is a pub near their office where they have informal meetings and chill out with their members every Friday. They use it to get closer to the members and show the informal side of AEGEE as well.

A combination of both

The former Local of The Month AEGEE-Utrecht also has more places to gather the board and their members. The big antenna in Utrecht has two office rooms, one with five computers and one to have meetings. It is also in a university building where also other associations are situated. Another AEGEE-Utrecht place worth mentioning is “their” boat, because on Wednesdays AEGEE-Utrecht rent a boat from another association. It is a big boat for 200 people and it has a bar, dance floor and a kitchen. Here they have drinks, dinners (for 40-50 people) and presentations as well.

Less traditional

Staying in the less traditional area, we have AEGEE-København who unfortunately does not receive as much recognition from the university as they should. However, recognition they do get from “Studenterhuset” which is a place where students can study and meet during the day, and have parties at night, as well as a place conferences and so on and so forth. This is the place where AEGEE-København has their board meetings, discussing any matter affecting the antenna.

So there are for sure many different ways to have a board meeting, all depending on support from externals as well as active membership of internals. How does your antenna meet? Let us know in the comment below!

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København