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Loes Rutten for President of AEGEE-Europe: “Together We Know More and Therefore We Can Take Better Decisions”

Network Commissioner for the Nedertop and former member of the Action Agenda Coordination Committee, Loes Rutten from AEGEE-Utrecht is now candidating as President of AEGEE-Europe. We reached out to her for this interview and also asked her the questions we received from the Network. The AEGEEan: The issue of active participation of members has been on the table for quite… Read more →

Local of the Month of June AEGEE-Utrecht: “As a Local We Stand for Equal Rights For Everyone”

AEGEE locals are very sensitive to LGBT+ issues, so much that Equal Rights is going to be one of the focus areas in the upcoming Strategic Plan 2017-2020. Out of all the countries where AEGEE has antennae, The Netherlands is definitely one of the most active in promoting LGBT+ rights and Dutch locals are actively organising events on the topic.… Read more →

40 Partners in Crime (Re)Discovering the Dutch Culture!

From the 21th of July to the 5th of August, 24 crazy participants were ready for a new adventure: discovering the “other side” of the Netherlands by joining the Travelling Summer University (TSU) of  Utrecht, Delft & Amsterdam: Discover Your New Partner in Crime. During these two weeks everyone found their partners, worked together on several tasks and got to experience the… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Utrecht: “AEGEE Provides Amazing Opportunities to Make an Impact!”

A new month comes with a new ACTive Local of the Month. This month, the Dutch local AEGEE-Utrecht was elected for covering all of the Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan within one month organising four different activities. We spoke to the President of the local, Folckert van der Molen, to find out more about this local and their Action… Read more →

The Academy and AEGEE-Utrecht teaming up again for SES 2015!

You have been an active AEGEEan for quite some time, you have organised several events, been involved in projects, and taken up responsibility and duties inside the organisation. However, you notice something is missing. The motivational spark is starting to fade out… Do you identify yourself with these lines? If so, you better save the dates from 22nd to 28th… Read more →

“U” Improves You

Let’s illustrate an image together, shall we? Let’s imagine people getting together to develop themselves. Self-realization through different exercises, and getting to know yourself in the present: who you are, your environment, and how it influences you. Then, realizing your past through different techniques, and learning to cherish the good times and letting go of the bad. Finally, looking into… Read more →