The little things of AGORA Budapest

The AGORA is streaming live all the time, so all the ones, who by one reason or another couldn’t make it to Budapest, have the opportunity to keep up to speed with the official part of this event from home. But not for nothing do they say that it is the little things that count. So here are just some of the little things that you might have missed from the live streaming.

The AEGEEan was lucky to obtain top-secret information that will be only revealed tonight. You, my dear readers, will be the first to know. The Network Commission (NetCom) cups will be officially released. Now all of our beloved Network Commissioners (NetCommies) will not only have T-Shirt to unite them, but coffee mugs to help them wake up on the last two mornings of the AGORA. This obviously means that they just have to be on time and full of energy now. No excuses!

The opening ceremony can definitely be remembered for the Hungarian dances and the Hungarian Magician. Even though we may not have seen any true white magic, nevertheless, many got to laugh at the tricks with the rope and rings accompanied to all types of strange and peculiar songs. Some lucky ones even got to get a souvenir to take back home. We are sure that those cut off pieces of rope will be cherished in their homes forever… or maybe not.

The first two parties opened with a big bang. The clubs might have been a bit crowded, but what can you expect from such huge event? The Suit-up party was just a warm-up for the rest of the AGORA nights. Some truly went all out for the Bad Hair night. All the ones who couldn’t get a wig or spray their hair with any crazy color were able to improvise with ALDI bags, ponytails or just plain-old hair jelly.

The delay of the vice-chair, who was elected so smoothly, with no objections whatsoever at the Extraordinary Agora, cannot be left unmentioned. Thomas Leszke was told to have been dreaming of AEGEE-Düsseldorf while we were all already hard at work at the first plenary. Now this is a joke that really needs to be explained. To start off, Thomas is from AEGEE-Köln. When speaking about the relationship between Köln and Düsseldorf, one might compare it to that of Barcelona –Madrid or Moscow – St. Petersburg. Basically, if you ask for a Düsseldorf beer in a bar in Köln, you will be kicked out. The same is true the other way around. Now that the background story is in place, we can have our small laugh at the “punishment” Thomas had to endure.

Last but not least. The plush-toy flash mob was a very nice way to start this Friday. A good cause and a great way to help out. Thank you, dear organisers, for such a wonderful idea.

A separate thank you to Christian Bussar, AEGEE-Aachen, and Dasha Onokhova, AEGEE-Moskva, for the pictures. 

Written by Olga Volovyk, AEGEE-Kyiv