Turin – Culture and Chocolate

Are you going to visit this amazing city and you don’t know where to start from? Well, keep reading for some help.

Turin is the fourth Italian largest  city after Rome, Milan and Naples. It’s a multicultural city as well as a very important university city. You can admire the beautiful buildings, most of which were built by the Italian kings, as the city was the first capital of the Reign of Italy. This is why the city is famous for its baroque aspects. Palazzo Madama is an obvious consequence of the kings’ style , but also Palazzo Carignano with its undulated  facade.

The two largest squares are piazza Castello and piazza San Carlo where concerts or manifestations are held. Another huge space ,but green this time, is Valentino’s Park, near Po river. It’s a huge park space where the Castle of Valentino found place, which  now hosts the Faculty of Architecture. Young people call it Hogwarts for the likeness with Harry Potter’s school.

The symbol of the city is la Mole Antonelliana, the most imposing building of the city. You can get on the top of the building thanks to a lift and admire the panoramic view. Inside the building you can visit the National Museum of Cinema. Besides, if you like museums, you will enjoy the Egyptian Museum as well.

For those who are passionate about soccer, you can visit Juventus Stadium or the stadium of the other team of the city, Torino F.C. An interesting museum is the National Museum  of the Automobiles, owned by Agnelli, the possessor of the well-known Fiat factories.

Another major attraction is the Duomo, where you can visit the Holy Shroud. Near the Duomo, there is Porta Palatina, which was one of the main entrances in the ancient city during the times of the Roman Empire. In the surrounding there is a very interesting archaeological area.

A typical aspect of the city is its arcades that cover 18 km of the city’s streets. What is  the reason? Well, the king had to have the opportunity to go for a walk and not to get wet in case of rain. So if you visit the city and it suddenly starts to rain, you won’t get wet even though you don’t have an umbrella and even though you are not a king.

Outside the city, you can visit the royal residences. There are many, but the most famous are the Stupinigi (where you can get by bicycle) and Venaria Reale, both protected by UNESCO.

Last but not least, if you visit Turin, you have to try gianduiotto, typical chocolate with a glass of piedmontese wine.


Written by Cosmina Bisboaca, AEGEE-Torino