The NetCom Times presents: Scare Homophobia out of Europe

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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) topic is one of much controversy. In a world in which LGBT’s can marry in only eleven countries, there is still much to be done for equality in this field. Even within AEGEE, as the survey on homophobia shows, 8% of the members considers violence directed at LGBT’s justified because of their sexual orientation.

Despite the controversy, AEGEE-Europe acknowledges the importance of equality for LGBT’s. Therefore it decided to make homophobia one of its policy fields for 2012/2013 within the larger policy field of Social Inclusion. For above all, LGBT’s should be able to live a free life, not being encountered by a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward them. 


Plan of Action

It is important to get the conversation startedwithin AEGEE and with the world around us. This should be achieved through a survey, (online) discussions and cooperation with locals and working groups. The message of the network, emerging from the aforementioned actions, should be communicated to policy-makers by the means of a position paper, and civil society through campaigns.

As Policy Officer my goal for this term is twofold. I both want to capture the opinion of AEGEE, share this with policy-makers, and change the mindset within AEGEE in order to make the organisation inclusive towards LGBT’s. Your help is necessary. Please share your opinion by contacting me at […], and participate in the discussion by joining QUEER-L or one of the online consultations. Let’s change minds!


Written for the NetCom Times by: E.G., Policy Officer on Social Inclusion – Homophobia

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