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Still a Long Way to Go for Gender Equality in Europe

On October 11, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) welcomed around 300 decision-makers and representatives of civil society, among which AEGEE, represented by the Policy Officer of the Equal Rights Working Group.   EIGE is an autonomous body of the European Union established to contribute to and strengthen the promotion of gender equality. During the morning’s panel discussions, the… Read more →

Kristóf Papp, YEWG Coordinator: “We Are Going to Organise a Conference on Youth Employment with the Contribution of Different Related Actors”

One of the four points of Strategic plan 2014-2017 is the Youth Employment, and with the Working Group reform passed during Spring Agora Asturias 2015, there is a specific body dealing with it: the Youth Employment Working Group. The group right now consists of five active members and several supporters, the first generation of working groups. We talked with Kristóf Papp,… Read more →

Member of the Month Pablo Hernández Rodríguez: “Motivation is having fun with what you do and with the people you work with”

Pablo Hernández Rodríguez, former president of AEGEE-Alicante, Policy Officer, team member of Democracy in Practice and member of AEGEE-Thessaloniki, is the member of the month for January. Pablo thought we were joking when we informed him that he’s the member of the month. He is currently working on his position paper on Youth Employment focusing on the Transition from Education to… Read more →

Introducing Policy Officers of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2015

During Autumn Agora Cagliari, Policy Officers were established as a body of our Network. President Paul Smits and Secretary General  Antonija Parat on behalf of the Comité Directeur presented a proposal to formally establish them in order to set some rules. The proposal was accepted with an overwhelming 94.49% of votes in favour. The position of Policy Officers was launched… Read more →

Be the change 2.0

Do you remember the article ‘Be the change’, which was published in The AEGEEan a few weeks ago? Did you have the chance to attend the workshop ‘Impact your university’ during the Agora in Patra? In case you didn’t, we got you covered with this article! ‘Impact your university’ was a workshop conducted by rootAbility, a social business that drives… Read more →