You never stop learning about healthy lifestyle!

Since the first steps of our lives, we never stop acquiring knowledge and living new experiences. The knowledge we gain starts with our parents and after our own childish-mistakes we acquire knowledge through experience. This pattern goes on during the school years and university. Approaching the last years of the systematic education, we are realizing that we have minimized the theoretical knowledge a lot and we started learning more and more through our gained experience. Opening books is getting a boring process and we prefer to focus our strengths on offering our gained knowledge to the rest of the society.

In this step most of us make a common mistake. We forget to refresh our knowledge. Our decisions affect not only our professional lives, but also our personal development and our health.

We searched for you and we found the following health related courses:

  •  Biology & Life Science: (
  • Health and Society & Medical Ethics (
  • Food and Nutrition: (
  • Medicine: (
Logo for the USCF course for Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Logo for the USCF course for Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Leading by curiosity, the Health4Youth Project followed the “Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention” for three weeks. It is given by the University of California -San Francisco (UCSF). The coordinator is Katie Ferraro, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a Masters in Public Health: Public Health Nutrition. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California.

During these 3 weeks we had the opportunity to:

1. Learn the recent data of public health which was nutrition related.

2. Follow the process from the food groups to food pyramid and the new plate system which is introduced now for dietitians.

3. Learn how to measure your macronutrient and calories needs, according to your age, weight and height.

4. Learn the difference between the EU and American legal System on the dietary supplements.

5. Learn what are fatty acids and how to separate the healthy from the unhealthy.

6. Understand the connection between the heart disease and specific diets such as TLC diet, Mediterranean diet and DASH diet.

7. Comprehend the connection between eggs and cholesterol and trace the myth about the correct amount of egg consumption.

8. Be taught in methods of lowering the salt consumption.

And these were only some of them! We found this course very important for people who are interest in health related topics and want to learn new things or to enrich their already gained knowledge. Even we found some new information, which we had not heard of before!

We are inviting you all to follow us in such kind of learning-journey for refreshing our knowledge and gaining more through the lifelong education. Only with this method we can keep our ideas fresh and modern to make this world a better place!

Written by Arsenis Tselengidis, AEGEE-Thessaloniki, Health4Youth Content Manager

Featured image by Jannes Pockele @ Flickr