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AEGEE-Leuven’s Days Without Meat at Its Second Edition. Are You Up For the Challenge?

Can you imagine your life without meat? Have you tried becoming a vegetarian for a few days or even more, a week? Didn’t you feel much lighter, healthier and stronger at the same time? If you haven’t tried it yet, AEGEE-Leuven gives you the best opportunity to challenge yourself. Being at its second edition, “Days without Meat” is trying to… Read more →

The Health4Youth Project is Back and Now is Focusing on the World Water Day

Since 2012, when the Health4Youth project was founded, it aimed to make young people aware about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, from a physical up to a psychological level. As water is a basic element of life, the Health4Youth team, with the collaboration of the Environmental Working Group, decided to plan an entire day dedicated to it on March… Read more →

Health4Youth Vol.2: Meet the new team!

Healthy food means wellness and happiness. That is why our network has been concerned about this topic since 2012, when the Health4Youth (H4Y) project was founded. This initiative, aimed to make young people aware about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, gained a lot of success and it is proud to introduce its second generation. The Health4Youth, estabilished in 2012,… Read more →

Member of the Month Klaudia Brzywcy: “AEGEE is a Possibility for Prosperity”

Klaudia Brzywcy, member of AEGEE-Gdańsk since November 2013, was elected Member of the Month of May. Crazy about healthy lifestyle, she is studying Dietetics and Nutrition at the Medical University of Gdańsk, transforming her hobby in a future job. Also passionate about sport, cooking, cinema and fashion, she organized a Health4Youth day event in Gdańsk attended by almost 150 participants. The AEGEEan: Why… Read more →

Nutrition4Youth and Health4Youth

Thanks to the Portuguese National Youth Council (Conselho Nacional de Juventude) 25 Europeans were able to gather in the charming city of Lisbon to learn how to cook healthily. Besides the Portuguese, Youth Councils from three other countries took part in this training course: Romania, Italy and Greece.  Zlatko Djordjevic, content manager of the Health4Youth project, was there as well… Read more →

Health4Youth on living Mediterraneanly

AEGEE-Alicante and the Health4Youth project decided to work together on organising a healthy lifestyle pre-event to Agora Zaragoza already before the summer. And when the event was finally there, a small but very active group of participants, a lot of organisers and helpers from AEGEE-Alicante, and Maria Arends (AEGEE-Groningen) and Sygrit Andringa (AEGEE-Groningen) from the Health4Youth project gathered in Alicante… Read more →

You never stop learning about healthy lifestyle!

Since the first steps of our lives, we never stop acquiring knowledge and living new experiences. The knowledge we gain starts with our parents and after our own childish-mistakes we acquire knowledge through experience. This pattern goes on during the school years and university. Approaching the last years of the systematic education, we are realizing that we have minimized the… Read more →