Claudio Gennaro aims for Juridical Commission: “the main goal – to find strategies to reduce waiting times”

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This Spring Agora Patra already looks legendary, with many outstanding candidates for the most important positions. One of the candidates, Claudio Gennaro from AEGEE-Cagliari, runs for one of the positions at the Juridical Commission (JC), and now you have the opportunity to meet him before Agora starts!

The AEGEEan: As we traditionally start our interviews, please tell our readers about yourself and your AEGEE experience!

Claudio: My name is Claudio Gennaro, I’m 21, I come from Agrigento and I’m studying the fourth year of Law. I’m currently an Erasmus student at the university of Silesia in Katowice and I am member of AEGEE since winter 2011. I have known AEGEE during a students’ meeting at the university while I was in my second year, the day after I applied for the New Year’s Event in Valletta and right afterwards my life has never been the same anymore. I have been inmediately active on the local level covering almost every duty; from secretary to driver, from cleaning the hostel before and after any event to external relations with public authorities, from simultaneous translator to bartender. I cannot imagine my daily life without AEGEE, most of my best friends are part of it and I meet or talk with them everyday. I am definitely addicted and I like it!

The AEGEEan: Why did you decide to apply to JC and what are the ideas you would like to implement?

Claudio: I am a law student and after two terms as subcommissioner of the JC, I can say that at the moment this Commission is the place where I can give my best contribution for the network. Moreover, I have always been fascinated by the Juridical Commission and its work, I remember during my first Agora in Enschede, as a fresh law student and member of AEGEE, I was amazed by the professionality and smoothness of the JC in such a tricky situation. I still have a personal admiration and respect for those commissioners.

My aim is to see the Juridical Commission closer to the average member who is not comfortable with legal English, I would like to have meetings, like Q&A rounds for example, where it would be possible to have quick answers to small clarifications about the CIA or other curiosities. This would help not only our members to have a closer relationship with the Commission, but would also help to relieve the amount of work on the agenda of the JC.

 The AEGEEan:  What would you like to keep, and change, in the work of the JC if you are elected?

Claudio: If elected, my main goal would be to find strategies to reduce waiting times. In order to make it possible it will be necessary to have a better internal division of tasks and for this reason it will be a priority to create a strong team of subcommissioners and involve them more actively in the work of the Commission.

This would give as outcome not only to optimize the work of the commissioners but also to have a better knowledge transfer. Personally I loved being a subcommie, is an amazing and crucial experience that every aspirant to the JC should try before running for this position.

The AEGEEan:  What had AEGEE taught you and what have you gained with AEGEE?

Claudio:  Team spirit, passion, dedication to work and that changes don’t come by themselves. AEGEE is the perfect enviroment for self-development, I would consider it like a school where you are not studying only theoretically but where you are actually working and being part of something bigger than yourself. While dealing with any activity you are already learning something new, a new language or how to manage with unexpected events or problems, how to lead  your team and how to be an engine from it. AEGEE is a boost to your potential.

 The AEGEEan:  During your work as Speaker of the Human Resources Committee what were your personal achievements?

Claudio:  We had the possibility of being able to help a lot of members dealing with everyday problems and has been very interesting and motivating to investigate within the network how a different management of human resources can influence the wellness and then the productivity of every team. I would have liked to involve more members into this project but I am sure that my successors will rock the committee. If elected, for sure I will use the skills acquired during my time at the HRC in order to create a cohesive and solid working team.

The AEGEEan:  Will being a member of Juridical Commission be the top of your AEGEE career or do you plan you move to higher positions in the future?

Claudio:  There is a bet between a former president of AEGEE-Agrigento and other oldies about me at the Comité Directeur, but I think that they are just kidding. Right now I am only focused on the JC, if in future there will be favorable circumstances I will also think about other positions.

The AEGEEan:  Share a story when your AEGEE experience helped you in your life.

Claudio:  I can feel it almost everyday in every situation, but I remember an episode in particular, last year at my university, when a teacher had to organize a conference with some foreign guests. Due to a small health problem and procrastination by my university, four days before the event nothing was ready and he was completely panicking. So he decided to call me, since I was the only member of AEGEE in his faculty, and to ask me to help him with the organization of the conference. The same day, after a small meeting with other colleagues, we found an accomodation for almost half of the price and organized everything, from the decoration of the main hall to the pick-up service at the airport, including also a social programme which was not expected in the original schedule. Everything was ready two days before the opening ceremony and when we thought that our job was finished, they called us back because translators were also needed. The event was a success and later on the university decided to give its economical contribution for an exchange with another AEGEE local.

The AEGEEan:  How do you see yourself and AEGEE in 5 years?

Claudio:  I will be a member for sure, maybe more or maybe less active than now, but for sure I will still be a part of it. As for AEGEE, I can see more non-EU locals inside and a stronger impact of our network regarding non-formal education. The YVote or the Europe on Track projects (just to mention a couple) are, in my opinion, just paving the way to a bigger social commitment of AEGEE.

The AEGEEan:  The last question, why do people have to choose you exactly?

Claudio:  Because they would vote for an enthusiastic AEGEEan who will put all his passion and devotion at service of the Juridical Commission!

Good luck to Claudio, we will see him soon in Agora!

Written by Annie Smailikova, AEGEE-Kyiv

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