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Today’s interviews: Veronika Chmelárová, Lisette Kunst, Giuseppe Aquilino, Monika Mojak

Like every year, The AEGEEan is giving a platform to candidates for a position in the European Level boards and commissions of our association to answer to some questions in order to present themselves. This year, we established a cooperation with the Golden Times and, together with his Editor Gunnar Erth, former and current journalists of our magazine will interview… Read more →

Jesús Baizán Barnabá for Member of the Juridical Commission: “I do believe in the importance of the rule of law”

Jesús Baizán Barnabá has been a member of AEGEE-Oviedo for two years now, and he was a SubCommissioner of the Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe for the term 2016-2017. Now he wants to take his passion for law one step further by candidating as full-time member of the JC. We interviewed him about his candidature and his programme.  The AEGEEan: How… Read more →

Monika Mojak for the Juridical Commission: “Nothing could bring the JC closer to the Network than direct contact”

Monika Mojak from AEGEE-Warszawa and AEGEE- Lublin is at the end of her term as president of the Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe, but she is candidating for a second term because she feels she still has much to offer to the JC. We interviewed her about her candidature and her programme.  The AEGEEan: President of the JC, attorney-in-law trainee, AEGEE enthusiast:… Read more →

AEGEE’s SubCommie Teams, Pt. 1 -the JC-

Behind the Commissioners of the Juridical Commission and the Network Commission some AEGEE members carry out an unknown but very relevant task: they are the SubCommissioners. The AEGEEan decided to talk with these guys who, perhaps, might be the next Commissioners -although someone has already been elected as a Commissioner at Agora Bergamo-. In AEGEE you can find the SubCommie Teams in the… Read more →

Elisa Tabbì for Juridical Commission: “The JC is Always Open to Give Support and Advice to Every Member, Local and European Body!”

Elisa has been a member of AEGEE-Catania for three years now. The experience that she gained from her antenna and the European bodies that she has been involved with so far, motivated her to take the next step and become a member of the Juridical Commission (JC) for the upcoming term. Here are all the questions the AEGEEan and its… Read more →

PROPOSALS #4: New DPPS implementation Timeline, Making the Life standards of CD house Better, Improving the Agenda and Resources of the Association

As we did for the previous Agorae, we want to present to you some of the proposals which will be discussed at Agora Bergamo. Don’t forget that for a complete picture you can (and should) check the entire proposal on our OMS. In this article we will be explaining four proposals, namely: “New DPPS Implementation Timeline”, “Making the life standards of members… Read more →

PROPOSALS #1: New Procedures for Elections, Fixing Small Mistakes and Supporting Proposals

Just like we did for the last Agorae, for Spring Agora Bergamo we want to provide you with a short and easy summary of the proposals submitted for the Agora again. In this first round, we will be explaining you four proposals that are aimed at changing the elections and the work of Juridical Commission, namely “Requiring support of two bodies besides the submitting… Read more →

Matteo Lai for Juridical Commission: “Without a set of rules we couldn’t do anything”

Matteo Lai has been a journalist in the AEGEEan magazine since October 2015, but he is also active locally by serving his antenna, AEGEE-Cagliary, as its IT Responsible. His experience and passion for Law, though, motivated him to run as a member of the Juridical Commission for the upcoming term. Here are all the questions, that the AEGEEan and the Network had… Read more →

Monika Mojak for Juridical Commission: “When I decide to get Involved, I am Engaged for 200%”

Monika Mojak, a Subcommissioner of the Juridical Commission, is ready to become a fullfledged member of the JC at this Spring Agora in Bergamo. She states that she is hard working, and possesses a very keen and nuanced interpretation of the law. To find out more, read the following article in our ongoing coverage of the various candicates for elected… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies I: Changing the CIA, the Role of JC During Elections and Removing CD as Observer in the JC

Just like we did for the last Agorae, for Autumn Agora Kyïv again we want to provide you with a short and easy summary of the proposals submitted for the Agora. In this first round, we will be explaining you three proposals that are aimed at improving the CIA and the work of Juridical Commission, namely ‘Improving the CIA one… Read more →