The Secrets behind the Presidential Hair

Now that the new Comité Directeur has officially started its term, it is again time to take a closer look at our new board members. Once you do that, you will notice something very outstanding amongst the different AEGEEans, namely the hair of our President, Paul Smits. The AEGEEan started an investigation and found out different things you can do with the Presidential Hair.

Being the President of AEGEE-Europe means you have to unite more or less 13,000 people of more than 150 different locals. Luckily, the Presidential Hair offers more than enough space for all of the stickers of different locals, united on the head of our President…

…which leads to great picture moments, because you just do not only get the President and his awesome modeling poses on the picture, but also several AEGEE locals!


Bonding to members is also done by sharing something very important, namely the Holy Curls. Guys who look so much alike must also think alike!


Next to these three useful qualities, the Presidential Hair also comes with some more practical benefits, like a little bit of extra height in group pictures, making you stand out from the rest, while also looking like the tallest guy around. Height does matter, after all!


However, being a tall Dutch guy you might sometimes bump into things like low ceilings, but luckily the Presidential Hair also functions as a free head-protector!

Next to this practical function, the Presidential Hair may also be used to hide things you don’t want to be stolen, like sunglasses or even voting ballots!


But you can’t hide yourself, because the Presidential Hair always draws some attention. Of course, this means that the rest of the Comité Directeur will never lose their leader, but it also means that ‘Where’s Paul?’ should not be introduced as a new AEGEE game.

Luckily for Paul, there are such things as straighteners, (a lot of) hairspray and (again a lot of) girls willing to help so every now and then he can go ‘undercover’ with a completely different look. How flexible!


Seeing all the benefits that the Presidential Hair comes with, it stands for sure that the Curliness deserves some decoration. The President himself also realized too, and found appropriate decorations!


Written by Svenja van der Tol, AEGEE-Nijmegen, with a huge thank you to Paul Smits for giving the Presidential permission to publish