One Step Greener with AEGEE-Yerevan

We wanted our summer to be greener

To meet new friends, to climb the tops, to feel like winners

To ride horses, to hike and swim, to laugh and love, enjoy here dinner

That’s why we chose SU: One step greener


Each of us lives a unique and unforgettable story during AEGEE Summer Universities and after that there are certain phrases, simple words or objects, music and , of course, photos which will always take us back to the special moments of SU.

Our story started like this: The members of AEGEE-Yerevan met a group of 14 young and active participants who arrived in Yerevan on the 1st of August 2014, full of expectations to spend eleven crazy and “Green” days in Armenia. It was the beginning of a nice story of new experiences, discoveries, adventures and inspirations.

We spent four days in the countryside and a week in Yerevan: in the pinkest city (the capital of Armenia is called “The pink city” because of the color of the stone used for building ed.) of the world which is 2795 years old. The city is old and very young at the same time: only here you can see the beautiful mix of old and modern architecture. Our participants had city tours, visited Museums as well as the famous Ararat Brandy/Wine factory and enjoyed the evenings in the Republic Square near the singing/dancing fountains.

During eleven days we managed a lot together: we did workshops and city games, discussed environmental issues in our countries, had horseback-riding classes, spent a nice day near the lake, tried the traditional Armenian cuisine and spent three days camping in the forest, far away from civilization. Also, we danced in a bus on the way back to Yerevan, we played and laughed together like children, danced and sang our traditional music through which we became very good friends.

Now the SU is over, but the friendships we made and the moments we lived will stay with us forever.

Written by Haykuhi Tang, AEGEE-Yerevan