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EPM 2018 goes to… AEGEE-Yerevan!

It’s the closing plenary of Spring Agora Enschede 2017 and the next European Planning Meeting hosting local has been announced: it is AEGEE-Yerevan! We reached out to them and spoke to Armenak Minasyants from the Armenian local to ask them more about their reaction to the good news and some sneak peeks.  The AEGEEan: Why did you apply to host European… Read more →

Spring Network Meetings 2017: Ten Opportunities to Grow Together! #2

Spring is right in front of us and Spring Network Meetings follow closely. The Network is once again presented with ten amazing opportunities to grow stronger together, create fruitful alliances and share best practices. Here you can find AEGEE-Bamberg, AEGEE-Gdansk, AEGEE-Novi Sad, AEGEE-Torino and AEGEE-Yerevan. For the previous five, click here.    NWM Bamberg: We’ll be Royals [upgrade yourself]! Royals –… Read more →

AEGEE-Yerevan’s AMEU – Bringing the European Union and Armenia closer

Outstanding antennae organising outstanding events – just a couple of weeks ago, AEGEE-Yerevan organised the Armenia Model European Union (AMEU) for the fourth year in a row! Armenia is one of the countries from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) that aims to strengthen the cooperation with the EU within the next few years, so organising a MEU, with more than 140 members… Read more →

Events Committee Competition Winner Encourages to Organise as Many Exchanges as Possible

Recently we published the article giving you an insight into the story behind 2nd place winner of the Events Committee’s (EvC) Facebook competition. Now it is time to reveal the winner which includes not only AEGEE-Oviedo but also AEGEE-Yerevan and the Eastern Partnership Project Team. The Peace Building in Europe took place in Gijón last year, and the EvC’s competition… Read more →

Bringing Two Sunny Cities Together

A story of how the sun brought AEGEE-Yerevan and AEGEE-Athina closer thogether and keeps shining on their cooperation. It all started as a joke between Armenak Minasyants from AEGEE-Yerevan and me, Zoi, more than one year ago. We were in contact with each other for some AEGEE project and I was always finishing my emails with the phrase “Greetings from… Read more →

SU Story: Discover Undiscovered

“Im anune Hayastan e” or in English “My name is Armenia!” Funny to say, but this short sentence in Armenian, highly promoted by Alberto Lenza from AEGEE-Firenze, has easily become one of the official slogans of AEGEE-Yerevan  Summer University (SU) in 2012, entitled “Discover Undiscovered” and for sure, it will stay in memories of all participants and firstly organisers. There… Read more →

Member of the Month: Armenak Minasyants plans to bring one of the statutory events to Yerevan

Dear Network, if you do not know his name yet than you have already missed out many extraordinary things that the member of this month has done during his membership in AEGEE. I will give you some tips: he is the Speaker of the International Politics Working Group (IPWG), former coordinator of the Conflict Resolution pillar of the Eastern Partnership… Read more →

Promoting Study in Europe

On 24 February 2012 AEGEE-Yerevan together with Erasmus Mundus Association and Yerevan State University within the Mobility Action Days of AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project organised “Starting your Erasmus Mundus Event”. The aim of the event was to spread information about the Erasmus Mundus Programme around Armenian students and help them with the steps of applying to the programme. The opening ceremony… Read more →