Looking for an Event to shape up all your Training Techniques? Here you have it!

AEGEE-București is organising the Training for Trainers (T4T) event from the 14th to the 20th of March  in Bucharest, Romania. If you wish to find out the definition of a “trainer”, what’s his/her role and how you can become one, sign up and you will discover it in seven amazing days in  Romanian style. Deadline for applications is the 7th of February. We spoke with the PR Responsible of the event, Bianca Crăciunescu, in order to give you some exciting information!

The AEGEEan: Hello, Bianca! You are preparing one important European event in your local. How is everything going?

Bianca: We took the challenge of organising an European event and, so far, things are going in the right direction. We wanted to prove that we can organise this important event, and all the members of our team are working hard in order to assure that both trainers and participants will have a great time here in Bucharest.

What is the concept of Training for Trainers?

Training for Trainers is about teaching the participants how they can deliver a good quality training. There will be six  days of specialized trainings and on the seventh day participants will become trainers themselves using what they have learned and facing their fear of public speaking. Besides the training, they will also learn a few things about Romanian culture.

What have you prepared for the participants during those seven days of action?

We want to help them understand better the importance of being a trainer, starting from answering a simple question such as “What is the role of a trainer?”, to a more advanced level, when they should deliver a training interacting constantly with the participants and adapting the level of difficulty to their knowledge. The trainers are preparing for them tips and tricks, content and challenges.

What will the trainings be about? Do you follow a specific theme?

The entire program and theme of T4T will be designed by The Academy. The participants will be given the necessary techniques, methods and tools so they can deliver training sessions on topics that matter for them, the AEGEE network and any other field of action.

Is AEGEE-București preparing the participants to “work all day, party all night?”

Of course! AEGEE-București is preparing an event in the AEGEE spirit.There will be sessions of trainings and workshops, but also time for fun, and the opportunity to meet the lovely and crazy Bucharest!

Is it the first time AEGEE-București organises Training for Trainers?

It is not the first time AEGEE-București organises Training for Trainers. We organized T4T by The Academy already in the past: it was in 2008 and the team of organisers are now Alumni. Now, in 2015, we will bring even more energy to you!

What are your expectations for the event?

I expect this edition of T4T will be unforgettable for the participants, for the trainers and for us, the organising team. I hope we will meet the expectations of the participants and we will also have a lot of fun working together. So, what are you waiting for? It’s training time!

Which are the values of your local, your pride and joy?

The values of our local are: responsibility, teamwork and intercultural communication. We love the fact that we have the opportunity to organise events for young people from other locals of AEGEE and we are proud of all of our members that are active and they call themselves “lifelong volunteers”.

Written by Gabriela Cioată, AEGEE-București