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AEGEE-Kyïv is the Local of the Month – Agora Edition

AEGEE-Kyïv organised the last Agora, their second one after Autumn Agora 2009,  which was a great success, according to the participants who nominated them as Local of the Month for the very first Agora Edition.  Anna “Smailikova” Pykhtina (the Main Coordinator),  Anastasiia “Nastia” Dzhulai (the Treasurer) and Yevgeniya “Zhenya” Gagarkina (the PR Responsible) are sharing with us their most beloved… Read more →

The NWM Organised By AEGEE-Osnabrück Got Them the Title of Local of the Month

The nomination for them to be Local of the Month (LoM) comes from Mareike (SubCommie), Julia Fuss (Network Commission Assistant) and Andrea Schmeltz (Network Commissioner) who speak very fondly of the event: “At the end of May an amazing event took place, particularly because the organisers did an extraordinary job. 15 super active members organised this four day event for 50 participants and nothing… Read more →

Loes Rutten’s EPM topic on “Breaking Language Barriers”

Loes Rutten’s proposal for Autumn Agora Kyïv “Breaking language barriers”  is an educational topic that affects young people all over Europe. Language can be a rock barrier for communication and, therefore, for education as well. Asked how she came up with the idea of “Breaking language barriers: Accessibility of youth opportunities starts with a common language” as a topic for EPM, she replied:… Read more →

Yevgeniya Gagarkina for PR Responsible of SUCT: “Summer Cannot Be that Bight Without Summer University”

Yevgeniya Gagarkina is a 20 years old girl from AEGEE-Kyïv running for the position of PR responsible in the  Summer University Coordination Team (SUCT), who is “ready to work both on external and internal PR, and to help all the SUCT with challenging job that we will set up for ourselves.” The AEGEEan: Hey there, Yevgeniya! Tell us a little… Read more →

Andrea Ugrinoska and Maarten de Groot – EPM topic on “The Future of the University – it’s in OUR hands!”

Another proposal for the EPM is coming from Andrea Ugrinoska & Maarten de Groot who want to focus on three major questions regarding the future of the university: “1. What were the causes of the different student protests that have emerged in European university cities over the last one or two years and how did the protests come to an… Read more →

Romy Cartiere’s Proposal for EPM on Refugees in Europe – “Europe vs. the Rest: Change of Perspective?”

Along with the interviews for the candidates applying for the opened positions at Autumn Agora Kyiv 2015, the AEGEEan has taken some time to simplify for the readers the proposals for the European events topics. The one we will focus on here is the one from Romy Cartiere which is a very present-day topic, regarding the Syrian refugees in Europe.   Being… Read more →

Ralitsa Mihaylova for IT Responsible, SU Coordination Team: “I’m full of ideas for ways to improve the user experience”

Ralitsa Mihaylova is a 20-year-old girl from AEGEE-Berlin, originally from Bulgaria. The “Bulgarian Bear”, how she calls herself,  is running for a position in the Summer University Coordination Team and relies on her web development skills and knowledge in order to be selected. She has been in AEGEE for only eight months now, but she considers that AEGEE “gives me back twice… Read more →

Meet the New Comité Directeur 2015-2016

The closing of Agora Asturias 2015 brought the newly elected Comite Directeur with it, composed of seven people who will begin their mandate on the 1st of July: President Aleksandra Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków), Secretary General Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen), Financial Director Ander Guerrero Ruiz (AEGEE-Zaragoza),  and as Member of Comité Directeur: Anna Gumbau (AEGEE-Barcelona), Pablo Hernández Rodríguez (AEGEE-Thessaloniki/Alicante) and Réka… Read more →

Students’ Protests Continue In Macedonia In Order To Protect The „Camp Of Freedom”

The students protests started in November 2014 as a response to the government’s interference with the university system. The first reply was after the Macedonian Government announced that they will implement a new law regarding higher education. The law, which would be implemented for the generation of 2017, implied that the students should give a national exam, which consisted out… Read more →

CWG: “A Quote Can Definitely Give You The Boost You Need Sometimes To Get The Day Started.”

The Culture Working Group (CWG) was born in 1997 and aims to show people that they are surrounded by culture through music, theater, cinema or any kind of art and history. CWG was created as a space where people can give their own interpretation and meaning. The activities you can find in the group are Intercultural communication training, online discussions, creating… Read more →