Health4Youth Vol.2: Meet the new team!

Healthy food means wellness and happiness. That is why our network has been concerned about this topic since 2012, when the Health4Youth (H4Y) project was founded. This initiative, aimed to make young people aware about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, gained a lot of success and it is proud to introduce its second generation.

The Health4Youth, estabilished in 2012, is a project of AEGEE-Europe oriented to inform youngsters through non-formal education techinques (such as conferences, training courses, exchanges and seminars) about the importance of a healthy lifestyle starting from a balanced diet up to a sufficient physical exercise.
The first generation that represented this project reached important goals, that is why the AEGEEan is proud to introduce the second edition of H4Y with its new team: Joanna Pankowska, AEGEE-Warszawa (Project Manager), Marina Boychuk, AEGEE-Warszawa (Secretary), Alfio Bonaccorsi, AEGEE-Catania (Content Manager), Barbara Anžič, AEGEE-Ljubljana (Event Manager), Christian Spagnol, AEGEE-Udine (Event Manager), Sylwia Lelonek, AEGEE-Wrocław (Event Manager), Mar Valero Mas, AEGEE-Alicante (Impact Measurement Responsible)
e Melani Kalev, AEGEE-Paris (Public Relations Responsible).

These eight guys come from different countries and academic backgrounds, but they all share the interest for the ‘healthy lifestyle’ topic and the idea that “healthy does not mean ‘eating only carrots’ or ‘doing sports 24/7’. If your body is fit but your mind is not, and vice versa, you cannot really call it being healthy. That is why, one of the topics we will focus on is proper relaxation, to keep away bad vibes, to have energy to do the things you love to do, to have a positive outlook on life”, they state. These words underline the real goal of this project and its members, which doesn’t focus only on physical wellness, but also on psychological one. This concept was actually expressed a long time ago in a latin aforism of the poet Decimo Giunio Giovenale: “mens sana in corpore sano” (translation: a sound mind in a sound body).

The second generation of Health4Youth is really motivated to make this edition of the project a real success by following the former team’s footsteps. That is to say learning from their strenghts and their experience, but also by introducing new fresh ideas: are you curious about the future plans of Joanna Pankowska’s crew? Well you need to be patient because the topics of the second edition of H4Y are still TOP SECRET: do not worry they will be revealed soon! What we do know is that the team is looking for a really motivated new member for an important task: the Fundraising manager position.

So if you are interested to fill this position or simply to get in touch with the H4Y team and be updated about their activities, send them an e-mail at or follow them on Facebook.


Written by Larisa Smajlagic, AEGEE-Verona