Knowledge Sharing During NWM in Delft

From the 20th until the 23rd of November, AEGEE-Delft will host around 50 AEGEE members for their Network Meeting. Participants of Autumn NWM Delft will have the unique opportunity to be inspired while visiting a beautiful city with an intriguing past and a very positive outlook on the future.

Memories of a very successful Summer University gave AEGEE-Delft the motivation they needed to organise the Autumn NWM. According to its president, Lucas, they “had a great time. Not just because of the activities, but mainly because the group of AEGEEans was so much fun. Regardless of the event, the people attending make it worth the effort. AEGEE hasn’t let us down yet”.

‘Knowledge shared is knowledge squared’ is the motto that will unite the network in Delft. The event will serve as a forum where antennae will get together and share their best practices and members will be also able to improve their practical skills and learn new ones.

Different topics will be covered during the event, including EUth, strategic planning, fundraising in AEGEE and human resources.  NWMs involve many workshops and quite a few parties, but probably their strongest point is the capacity they have to strengthen the bonds within the network. It is a good way for AEGEE members that belong to antennas that are far away from each other to meet and make new friends. “When everyone from the network comes together, we share our culture and opinions. We learn what it really means to become united in our differences. Every time AEGEE organises a meeting, the bond between us Europeans becomes stronger. We are the youth and we are the future. Stronger intercultural relations now will mean stronger ones in the future” says Lucas.

The main responsible for the programme is Boudewijn Steenhof, who was Network Commissioner last year. He, together with the current Netcom Loes, will lead some of the workshops, as well as a panel about Ukraine. Comité Directeur member Réka Salamon will be in charge of the workshops on EUth, Agora/EPM and Strategic Planning. There will also be workshops on Fundraising, the Election Observation Project and the Action Agenda Coordination Committee. Lastly, participants will be given the chance to give their input and choose what topics they would like to discuss in an open space session.

But there will be more than workshops to the NWM. AEGEE-Delft is currently working hard to give participants all the fun they can handle. The social programme will start with a special party that will take place on the opening day. Attendants will also greatly improve their knowledge of foods and beverages from different countries during the European Night.

AEGEE-Delft President Lucas sees many advantages in participating in a NWM, both for newer members and for the whole organisation: “we wanted to let our newer members, who are the future of AEGEE, also meet the Network during the NWM. They can see how great all the people from the network are. Maybe they’ll become motivated like I was almost one year ago and help organise the future events that bring the network together”.

Written by Kimberly Townend, AEGEE Valencia