New Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vinnytsia!

We are proud to announce that we have established a new contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Vinnytsia is a city situated in the Western Centre of Ukraine, the largest city in the historic region of Podillia. The city exists since the Middle Ages and it is now known for its industrial centre, particularly for the Roshen company and the headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force. We talked with Oleksandr from the newly-formed contact in Vinnytsia to tell us more about the tourist attractions and the story behind this new contact in Vinnytsia.

woqbF5nkX0MOleksandr is a student in the sixth year at Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics, the Department of Management. He is also a member of the Students’ Parliament of Vinnytsia Region, where he is responsible for development of international cooperation.

“Our city is considered the “European capital” of Ukraine, and of course we have a lot of foreign students here”, he says. But when he started work in the Parliament, it appeared that they had “only a few international organisations”, the best of which, “AIESEC and BEST are well-functioning”, he further adds. 3When asked about his story, Oleksandr told us that he had heard about AEGEE before and he knew that it will enable him to discover a lot of great opportunities, as this was also the reason for initiating the creation of a new contact in Vinnytsia.

Moreover, he told us about their future plans for the newly created contact. Being at the moment only “a small team of three people”, all of which are members of the Parliament, their future plans include organising a Local Training Course (LTC) in their city to recruit new members, inviting “our friends from AEGEE-Kyïv, and also members from other locals.”

At the end of the interview we asked Oleksandr to tell us a few things about the city of Vinnytsia that would make us 1want to visit it, and he said that considering the fact that Vinnytsia is considered the “European capital” of Urkaine, “it’s the place where Ukrainian traditions and European tolerance meet. We don’t have a big city, but it is beautiful with its own spirit. And, of course, we have here the biggest floating fountain in Europe”, he concludes.


Written by Gabriela Geană, AEGEE-București