TSU Smells Like Greek Spirit by AEGEE-Thessaloniki

One of the best existing events is called Summer University. AEGEE-Thessaloniki organised one for the first time in seven years. 25 participants from the whole of Europe were the lucky enough, to enjoy this Travel Summer University through Greece, where they had an amazing time in the four destinations.

tessaloniki 1Thessaloniki

The sun was shining bright, the mineral water was cold, and the gym was ready next to a school in beautiful Thessaloniki. This was the place and city for the Summer University, which was promising to be a great one. As more people arrived, beds were set up and games were played in order to get to know each other. The beautiful day turned into night and everyone had a Greek dinner, then moved to the dock and the salsa bar, where we could show either our dance moves, or our nerves.

The next morning we woke up and we showered at the gym, which would be our home for three nights. After a great breakfast, in the city centre of Thessaloniki, where the white tower is always lighten, we had a city tour. We learned about the history and landmarks of the second biggest city of Greece. After a great learning experience, which included a boat trip, we went to party and destroy all the newly developed brain cells. We discovered that it was not a lie, when the Greek talked about their amazing nightlife.

To ask for indications in Greece, some Greek language lessons came in handy, but what we mainly learned were bad words and how to hit on guys/girls, which was actually more useful. A scavenger hunt, combined with a pub crawl made the group become even closer, and international friendships were created. The day after the crazy European night, the planetarium and eating next to the city wall, where is the best view of Thessaloniki, we packed our stuff, and tried to get some sleep before the next crazy destination, Possidi.


tessaloniki2After the exams all the students from Thessaloniki grab their tents, swimsuits and booze to spend some time in Possidi, which is a student camping ground full of music, pretty girls, cute boys and a lot of “yolo”. The moment that we arrived, we ran directly into the sea.

The awesome time in Possidi was full of parties and hanging out with each other. We got to know each other so well, you couldn’t tell we had met half a week ago. The theme of the Summer University was environment issues which were covered in a workshop. The four groups, in which we were divided, had created instructive presentations, videos, interviews, posters and even a renewed garbage can. Just like in Thessaloniki, some more games were played which involved random people. For the last and most artful activity, we walked the beach during the amazing sunset. We got some paint and energy to “go totally Picasso” on our new friends. The result was a mixture of paint on all of us, which looked like anything from good paintings, to funny things, to a toddler’s creation. After some fun, running, fooling around, and some bottles of paint, the result was awesome. We ended the night with wishing balloons, and then went to drink and party. To be totally in the Possidi spirit, the amount of sleep that night was even less then we had before. With a lot of καλημέρα [Goodmorning in Greek, ed.] screaming from one tent to the other, at six in the morning, we packed or stuff and went for our next destination, the amazing city of Volos!


tessaloniki 3The old city looks over the sea as many beautiful cities in Greece do. Even better than the time we spend there, was the place we stayed. For two nights we had the luxury of our own room. Of course that’s not what Summer University is about, but it gave us the opportunity sleep and get some rest for the days that followed. In Volos we had a little city trip which presented us the atmosphere, history and life of Volos. After a water balloon fight and a lovely day spend in the boulevards and in the city, we had a resting evening to gather energy for the next amazing thing. Volos has mountains where at night light shine, which create a gorgeous view. A tour guide showed us the way up via an old stone path which the locals where using in the past to go from the mountains to the seaside. During the adventures and tough climb, we could slowly see Volos becoming smaller and the authentic villages becoming bigger. It felt amazing when the walk ended, and we reached, our literally, high goal. It was breathtaking! Next on our schedule was a party in a bar with in tequila, dancing and some real Summer University romance. When everyone was tired, we got on the ferry and went to, sadly, our last destination called Skiathos.


tessaloniki4The island of Skiathos, full of beautiful places and beaches, was a good destination to slowly get to the ending of our amazing trip. The water was blue, the sun was hot. Some people were lucky enough to see dolphins jumping in the water on the trip there. The first night in Skiathos the positive words about the Greek night life were again confirmed. After came the city trip. We walked around the city and learned about it, we saw the great sightseeing places and crystal clear waters.

One if the most amazing things was the boat trip. It wasn’t the boat that was so special, but the places we went to. The first stop was a beach so beautiful that it was like a postcard. An all-white beach with rocks and water more clear than the liquid which flows from the tap. We climbed on the rock, to jump from a high point into this postcard sea. It was amazing! Next stop was a beach which was located next to the old town. The only one hour we could spend there, was not enough to fully see it all. We climbed up a hill with stones and some demolished stairs, which brought us to the top where in the past used to he houses. The town was full of old houses and little churches, and at the end of the hill there was this view from which you could see as very far. The view was of gorgeous beaches, mountains, the sea and rocks.

During our time on the island, we visited a museum, more beautiful beaches, clubs and parties. The most popular beach, Bananistas was also on the list of the beaches we visited. We saw many people wearing merchandise from this beach and the beach club that came with it.

The two weeks were almost over, which was a big pity. Back in the gym, which was our home on this island, we had a workshop about national stereotypes. After that, the graffiti party was on. We wrote on each others t-shirts as a way to say goodbye, and imprint the great memories we had experienced with all these people. The result were t-shirts full of text, jokes, names and love.

The worst part about the Summer University was here: the goodbyes. One by one people said goodbye to the others. A lot of hugs, kisses and exchange of numbers. The last persons to leave thanked the organisers with all their hearts.

The Summer University was amazing, two weeks of meeting people, travel, gaining knowledge and love. We hope that the organiser felt the same, and we are forever grateful to them. Those where the last words we said/thought as we waved them goodbye. Thanks so much!

Written by Midas Veraart, AEGEE-Nijmegen