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AEGEE-Skopje: the Macedonian Antenna Specialist in Organising TSUs

AEGEE-Skopje, the only antenna in Macedonia and with 70 members, has become well known for its Travel Summer Universities (TSU). We spoke with Maria Davceva, External Relations Responsible, who told us about the results of the last Winter Event, which the Macedonian antenna organised for the International Volunteer Day. She also explains their involvement in “Democracy in Practice”  and focuses on previous… Read more →

TSU Smells Like Greek Spirit by AEGEE-Thessaloniki

One of the best existing events is called Summer University. AEGEE-Thessaloniki organised one for the first time in seven years. 25 participants from the whole of Europe were the lucky enough, to enjoy this Travel Summer University through Greece, where they had an amazing time in the four destinations. Thessaloniki The sun was shining bright, the mineral water was cold,… Read more →

40 Partners in Crime (Re)Discovering the Dutch Culture!

From the 21th of July to the 5th of August, 24 crazy participants were ready for a new adventure: discovering the “other side” of the Netherlands by joining the Travelling Summer University (TSU) of  Utrecht, Delft & Amsterdam: Discover Your New Partner in Crime. During these two weeks everyone found their partners, worked together on several tasks and got to experience the… Read more →

AEGEE-Catania reveals the ingredients for a perfect Summer University

Being awarded the best Summer University is never an easy task, due to the big amount of contenders. Being awarded twice with such a distinction is something to be proud of. Well… in Autumn Agora Cagliari, AEGEE-Catania received this award for the third time in a row! We were wondering what the secret of the organisers of AEGEE-Catania is to organise… Read more →

Recently updated antenna, AEGEE-Valladolid, has a lot of experience already

At Autumn Agora Zaragoza one of the Contact antennae that was upgraded was former Local of the Month AEGEE-Valladolid. An antenna that in its short lifespan in AEGEE has been organizing many things, such as Renove 2.0, Travel Summer University (TSU) together with AEGEE-Madrid and the Y Vote 2014 kick off conference a few months ago. AEGEE-Valladolid have recently been… Read more →