AEGEE-Brno: “Every Event Is in Some Way Amazing and Memorable”

The city of Brno, Czech Republic, lies in the very heart of Central Europe. It was at one point home to Napoleon Bonaparte, Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics; and is now home of a small, but very active, AEGEE local. Because European interconnectedness is kind of our favourite thing at the AEGEEan, we decided to interview the PR Group of AEGEE-Brno and see what they have to say.


AEGEEan2The AEGEEan: Could you tell us something about yourself?

Tereza (PR Group AEGEE-Brno): We are the PR working group of AEGEE-Brno, which we established one and half years ago. We are responsible for the promotion of our great antenna and we will try to convince you that if you don’t know us yet, you will want to meet us in the near future. Maybe on our Summer University 2016, focused on team cooperation.


AEGEEan3Could you tell us something about your local (and its history)?

AEGEE-Brno was founded relatively early in 1993, but it ceased to function due to lack of members.  Nevertheless, the idea of running AEGEE- Brno came again to a group of student, who in 2007 attended one of the events organised by AEGEE – Model of European Union.

Today, we have more than 60 members and around 15 – 20 of them are active. The active members meet every Tuesday in a café.


What’s the most amazing or memorable event AEGEE-Brno ever organised?

It is not easy to say, because every event is, in some way, amazing and memorable. Among the most memorable, we would like to mention the conference “EaP countries on the way to EU integration” in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Project in 2012,  as well as the  Network Meeting, which AEGEE-BRNO held last spring, which was a memorable and extraordinary experience for us (and for sure for the participants as well), because it was something that doesn’t take place in Brno every day.


AEGEEan5Could you tell us something about the events that AEGEE-Brno is organising this year?

I can say that there will be an SU for sure again, and this year it will focus on group dynamics.

But before the SU, we would also like to organise some smaller events for our local members, but also for the public! We are planning to hold another International Dinner (which is basically the concept of European night with local foreigners, not just AEGEE members). Except that, there will also be some public lectures, an LTC for our local members and much more. [she smiles]


For the past five years, AEGEE-BRNO has organised Summer Universities that focussed on trainingsAEGEEan4, personal development, and also on adventurous components. Does AEGEE-Brno also host similar events for its members throughout the year?

Yes, we do. It is our long-term plan to focus more on trainings and personal development and that is the reason why our last three SUs had professional workshops with practical games. But we have also done some pretty funny and adventurous stuff like sleeping outside in the forest just under the sky, hiking, and many active games outside. And this is the spirit we are trying to keep in our antenna during the whole year.


Even though Brno lies in the Czech Republic, AEGEE-Wien (Austria) and AEGEE-Bratislava (Slovakia) are somewhat closer to your local. Do you organise more events with them, other Czech-speaking AEGEE locals, or neither?

We meet together with AEGEE-Praha and AEGEE-Bratislava regularly at the event called ‘Czechoslovak weekend’, where we plan some activities together and share the knowledge. It is organised around the 17th of November – the anniversary of the Velvet revolution (fall of communism in CSR). We also meet with these antennae just to hang out on Christmas markets etc.


Written by Willem Laurentzen, AEGEE-Nijmegen