Member of the Month Oğuz Kaan Kahraman: “We Are all Working For a Better World, For a Better Future”

It’s time to introduce you our Member of the Month of January! His name is Oğuz Kaan Kahraman and is the Vice-President of AEGEE-Istanbul. His enthusiasm in working both in his local and in AEGEE-Europe projects didn’t pass unnoticed. Here is his interview!


11207292_10207017758192569_8424245557649405683_nThe AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself.

Oğuz Kaan: I am Oguz Kaan from wonderful İstanbul, 22 years old, a computer science student. Wow… too many infos in one sentence. [he laughs, ed.] I am horrible at cleaning, cooking and so on, but I can not be humble about my eating skills. I love travelling, exploring and of course joking. When it comes to work, I am a great fun of discipline, but a part this, please don’t be so boring.

How does it feel to be elected Member of the Month?

It sounds cool, isn’t it? Well, I feel like some people who live somewhere in Europe like me. What a coincidence, I like them too!!

How is your work as Vice-President within AEGEE-Istanbul? What are your tasks besides it?

Things are going so different on local level, comparing with the European Level: two separated worlds, and I like them both! About the question, I am with my friends I enjoy working with, that’s the matter. Titles are not important in AEGEE-İstanbul, we are all working for a better world, for a better future. 11060096_10153526394214757_6032237124420934827_nBut what I do is dealing with external relations, IT stuff, organising events and sometimes helping the other board members.

You are also active in the Your Vision of Europe project. What is your task?

I am running the IT department, and also sometimes making comments from a really really different view to my beloved team members. [he smiles, ed]

Lately Turkey has been the subject of several attacks. How is the feeling within Turkish locals?

We are all so sad about this issue. People name us along with terrorism instead of being wonderful, but terrorism has no religion or nationality. ISIS and some muslims blame us to be non-muslims and western world blames to be muslim. That’s bothering me a lot. Also some of AEGEEans even could say “they are muslims, these things are normal for them.” Can you believe this ? İstanbul or Ankara, they are not different from Paris or Brussels. Europe is under danger and Turkey is part of it. Europe does not start from Hungary or Greece. suBad times will pass, but friendships will stay forever.


What are your future plans in AEGEE?

Well, well, well… Travelling, learning, having fun, organising, sharing ideas, meeting new people and, of course, traveling again [he laughs, ed].


Written by Erika Bettin, AEGEE-Verona