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Do You Feel You Can Act at the European Level?

Do you believe in Europe? Do you see problematic issues in your society and do you think you can be part of the change? If yes, the Summer University (SU) “Call Upon Young Europeans” is a perfect summer event for you.

hhhThis SU takes place between the 20th and the 31st of August...

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Adonis Meggos for the Comité Directeur: “Better Internal Communication and Rebuilding our Recruiting Policy”

Here you have one of the candidates for the Comité Directeur: Adonis Meggos, from AEGEE-Peiraias...

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AEGEE-Moskva: “Our Multinationality Brings Crazy Ideas”

AEGEE-Moskva is mainly known in the AEGEE world for its SU “Transsiberian Dream”, but the Russian antenna held a very successfull NYE. Moreover, the new board gave us a positive feedback of their last NWM, and this local has very active members also at the European level of AEGEE...

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The Coolest European Craze of the Year

Are you looking for something fun; the next online craze in Europe? Then get ready to kick your instagramming, travelling and AEGEE spirit into overdrive. The Your Vision for EUrope team wants you to get online and share that one special moment you felt most European...

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Team Up for a Brilliant Summer University? Why Not!?! #1

Summer seems distant but AEGEEans, as busy bees, are already in the process to organise Summer Universities. The Summer University Coordination Team gave the future SU organisers the possibility to collaborate with AEGEE bodies and give their Summer Universities a content twist...

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A conference of Your Vision For Europe with AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca.

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca proposed some local and international events during the year but their most successful one was a conference organised last May, shortly before Agora Bergamo...

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Member of the Month of June Adonis Meggos: “All the Energy Comes Directly from my Teams”

In June another distinguished Member of AEGEE was selected as Member of the Month. We are talking about Adonis Meggos, AEGEE-Peiraias. Check out his interview!
2The AEGEEan: Congratulations! How does it feel to be nominated Member of the Month?
Adonis: Thank you very much! I feel honoured and g...
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Participating in an Erasmus+ project: Captivating Europe

To participate in an Erasmus project is amazing, but the team spirit and the atmosphere is what truly make it an Erasmus + project. Back in April 2016, Elinne Mertens and Ioana Duca attended “Captivating Europe”, and Erasmus + Programme by the EU in Berlin, and this is their amazing story:

art 1The p...

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Workshops and Progress Meeting II: Be Water, My Friend! I Was Killed by PowerPoint and Peace It Up!

Whether you are a delegate, a visitor or an envoy, you are definitely going to love the workshops planned for the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo! They are new, they are fresh and interactive, aimed for new members coming as visitors, some of them being for the first time at an Agora, eager to learn v...

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Member of the Month Oğuz Kaan Kahraman: “We Are all Working For a Better World, For a Better Future”

It’s time to introduce you our Member of the Month of January! His name is Oğuz Kaan Kahraman and is the Vice-President of AEGEE-Istanbul. His enthusiasm in working both in his local and in AEGEE-Europe projects didn’t pass unnoticed. Here is his interview!

11207292_10207017758192569_8424245557649405683_nThe AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself...

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