Member of the Month of June Adonis Meggos: “All the Energy Comes Directly from my Teams”

In June another distinguished Member of AEGEE was selected as Member of the Month. We are talking about Adonis Meggos, AEGEE-Peiraias. Check out his interview!
2The AEGEEan: Congratulations! How does it feel to be nominated Member of the Month?
Adonis: Thank you very much! I feel honoured and glad that my contribution to this association is recognised. I am a member of AEGEE since spring 2013 and I always felt that I was not active enough. The time has come where my knowledge allows me not only to participate in the European bodies but to create new ones.
How is Adonis in three words?
Passionate, motivated, dreamer.
You were nominated because of your hardworking attitude and because you are involved in several projects. How do you find the energy?
All the energy comes directly from my teams and my healthy lifestyle. First of all, my beloved antenna always supports me and it is time to give my special thanks to Diana Poniros, the person that helped me in each AEGEE doubt/action. On the one hand, in Your Vision for EUrope project, I feel like I’m co-working with professionals. Each member of this project is devoted to making it a huge success. On the other hand the Migration Interest Group is the most passionate team. All members have realised the humanitarian crisis Europe faces, is one of the most crucial threats. I also continue working with the Language Interest Group, where everyone is always in a good mood, creating some cool ideas for the locals. And last but definitely not least… Drinkwise! Even though Drinkwise is a new project, its young members are ready to give their refreshing ideas to our association.
You have just started the Drinkwise project, what is it about?
The Drinkwise project focuses on all those cultural aspects of drinking (as all AEGEEans experienced in European Nights) and promotes responsible drinking. In general, we create guidelines to help the locals organise better social programmes, we organise conferences to raise awareness on the healthy consumption of alcohol, and together we explore all the drinking traditions (local cocktails, coffee preparation, etc.).
What are your future plans in AEGEE?
In the short term, I want to become a member of the social team of Agora Chisinau. In the long term, one position in the CD house is definetely one of the experiences I crave.
Name one good thing and one bad thing in our association.
Oh well … One good thing is our unity. As we say, AEGEE is a big family, whenever you need something there is a whole network to back you up. The bad thing is that drama is very very common in our association.
Let’s play a game. Describe yourself by using adjectives that start with the letters that compose your name… 
I could say that the network senses I am quite Approachable and I agree with that. If you need anything, just ask me!
I have a Dainty taste, VIfreaks will approve this. #PRCisloveandhate
On-line all the time. It’s mandatory when your people needs you :-P
I get Nasty when there are deadlines.
And Social master. I love parties as I love meetings!
Written by Erika Bettin, AEGEE-Verona