Some Students Play the Lifestyle of the Erasmus Generation

A new project about the Erasmus programme is going to be developed in Rome: Erasmus Generation. Many European students will enjoy a TV series where the actors are not professionals, but normal students and young people like all of us.


erasmus primoThe Erasmus programme is the world’s most successful student exchange programme. Over five million students, from across the European continent, have studied abroad in 4000 participating universities throughout 33 countries. Many students around Europe have enjoyed it during their university careers and now someone has put forward the idea: why not create a movie to tell about the life of European students in a foreign country?


The programme will thus be the subject of a new TV series and will be entirely based on the stories that are sent in by European students. Cinecittà 3 (Rome) has embarked on the ambitious task of portraying all the passions, emotions and adventures of Erasmus life in a fun comedy series, which will be about a bunch of students from all over Europe, as they go through hilarious and epic situations. The goal of the series is to present the exciting experience of Erasmus in an entertaining way, all while promoting a debate on European issues, and ultimately, to help as many students as possible to get that dream of living the Erasmus experience through dedicated grants.


The Erasmus phenomenon inspired the Italian film and TV producer, Fabrizio Carlo Muscia. Muscia and the production team researched the presence of Erasmus in film and TV, and were surprised to find almost no references to it, despite its huge popularity among young Europeans and its enormous effect on providing opportunities, building bridges and uniting Europe. Muscia has teamed up with French producer Cedríc Gamelin in order to  start the project.


erasmus secondo“Erasmus Generation – The Series” tells about the parallel lives of a unique group of Erasmus students who will learn to appreciate their similarities and overcome their differences through questionable choices and epic situations. On a more intellectual level, the series “Erasmus Generation” wants to create a subtle and funny awareness of European culture, its fundamental values and important political and social differences. Cedric Gamelin, on behalf of the production team of “Erasmus Generation – The series”, remarks: “The writing team will select the most compelling anecdotes and the students, whose stories are chosen, will be invited to take part in the episode, whether that means to be on set for a day, to appear in an episode of the series, or have their name in the credits”.


Many people decided to fund and support this project. Among these are Andreea Anastasiu (Editor-in-Chief OneEurope), who has participated in many pan-European projects, such as Model European Union and Model United Nations, and Ivan Botoucharov (One Europe Magazine Co-Founder and Co-President), who created Europe’s largest citizens European media. He has been involved in many European projects and initiatives, and is leading a campaign to save the Erasmus programme from severe funding cuts in recent years.  Another supporter is Manuel Marin (Former Commissioner of the European Commission), who was the Commissioner responsible for the presentation of the proposal for the Erasmus Programme.


erasmus2The European Union has been going through its greatest financial, political and social crisis – austerity and lack of growth perpetuate, far-right and far-left parties are on the rise, youth unemployment is rife, negative attitudes towards immigration (both from within and from without the EU) are growing, and disillusionment with the EU itself is at an all-time high. At the same time, the traditional purpose of the EU – Peace in Europe, is taken for granted by many within the Union. “Erasmus Generation – The Series” comes at the right time and with a promising concept – an ambitious project celebrating the greatest single European initiative, which demonstrates the power of freedom of movement and of Europe’s great cultures.


The ultimate goal of the “Erasmus Generation” production team is to establish grants and scholarships for worthy students who want to go on Erasmus. The funds will mostly come from the net profits of the series and will be managed and allocated with the greatest care in collaboration with the European Union institutions and the partners of the project. In addition to One Europe Magazine, the series already has the backing of several non-governmental organisations and over twenty of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Moreover, the founders of the Erasmus programme have personally endorsed the series.


Every student can send his/her story to their website .


Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari.