NWM Beograd: You Cannot Miss a Serbian NWM in the “White City”

Andrea Adamović, the Secretary of AEGEE-Beograd and Main Organiser of the Network Meeting (NWM) in the same local, can count on the contribution of an amazing Board. As far as can be told, it seems that they will be hosting a successful NWM, the fifth NWMs this autumn. Isidora Braljinac, President of AEGEE-Beograd, and Aleksandra Mojsova, their Network Commissioner, told us more about the NWM in Beograd.

beograde3The AEGEEan: How did you choose the name “keep it bright in the white city” for your NWM?

Isidora: The name is a result of our and NetCom’s ideas. “Keep it bright” stands for always staying optimistic just like AEGEEans always do, this time in the “White City” which is a literal translation of Beograd, but we will paint it red together during NWM!

Can you tell us something more about the program of the NWM and about the sessions?

Aleksandra: Our NWM is constructed according to the needs of our locals, therefore is a rich on topics, yet coherent when speaking of content. Our NetCom and we, have decided to include our members opinion in the development of the content, so all you will see there is according to their requirements. Naturally, we couldn’t include all what we were asked for, but we will make sure to at least discuss it in the Open Space hours, or to have it in mind for next events or the next NWM. The sessions will be informational, but of course will touch on social inclusion, self and social development and problem-solving strategy, as well as include role-playing as a proven methodology of skills acquisition.


beograde1Who will be the organisers, and how did you assign tasks to each of them?

Isidora: The organisers will be the girls from the Board, our active female members, and some of our male members. We care about gender equality, and it would be very unusual that we might need a gender equality recruitment strategy.We made sure to put it in our SWOT analysis to bring it up for discussion at the NWM and possibly, come out with a twinning antennae output.  In addition to this team, we will, of course, also receive support from our NetCommie, Aleksandra Mojsova, who is here to assist us with the technical issues.


How are you showing “Envisioning Europe-Brexit Impact on Europe; Mediation Skills on Conflict Resolution”? Who will be the speaker or the trainer?

beo1Isidora: The workshop session about envisioning Europe and the Brexit impact on a hopeful Europe was asked from locals as they had their chance to give their input for the content of the NWM. Since it was asked for in terms of exploration on how would Brexit also influence the non-EU countries, in particular those who are yet to become, we will have a representative from the Your Vision for EUrope Project together with our NetCommie to deliver it.

About mediation skills on conflict resolution, this is something that is very often needed, not only in local’s lives, on their path to achieving things, but also in the private lives of young people. Initially, we imagined that the MedCom would be willing to deliver it, but because they may not be able to come, we will make sure to arrange someone from the Academy or a respective trainer that would deliver a similar session with skills acquisition in this sense.


Will there be any social programme, and can you tell us something in advance about that?

Isidora: Belgrade’s night life is very well known for parties you would never forget… or remember, depending on the night out. We will also celebrate our antenna’s birthday and many more birthdays. Therefore, prepare yourself for a lot of information and even a bigger celebration!


beo2Will your antenna present the candidature for the next Autumn Agora 2017?

No, not this time. We aim to focus on our local’s development first for the next period of time, in order to become as strong as we were once. But, what we can assure you of, is that it is on the agenda for the next generations of Boards to come. And we will be there to support them in the process!


You can find more information about this event on Facebook.


Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari.