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AEGEE-Gdansk, Local of the Month of March: “If You Really Want to Do Something, You Will Find a Way”

Although AEGEE-Gdansk is a very small Antenna with very young members, the Polish Local got nominated as Local of the Month of March because they organised their first NWM, also followed by national mass media...

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NWM-Debrecen: A successful Collaboration with “Zerophobia”

Some weeks ago AEGEE-Debrecen organised a Network Meeting with a very small number of participants, but very interested in every activity proposed by the Hungarian Antenna...

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NWM-Bilbao: Far Beyond Expectations

I never thought I would just sit on my computer and start writing about an AEGEE event, but here I am. Having one of the best events of my AEGEE life, I felt that I need to share my thoughts and feelings about this event to appreciate both organisers and trainers’ efforts with the whole network.

FB_IMG_1492019762342 (1)Be...

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Spring Network Meetings 2017: Ten Opportunities to Grow Together! #1

Spring is right in front of us, and Spring Network Meetings follow closely. The Network is once again presented with ten amazing opportunities to grow stronger together, create fruitful alliances and share best practices...

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NWM Aachen – “It Takes Two Bears to Tango”

From the 24th till the 27th of November, AEGEE-Aachen is hosting a Network Meeting (NWM). They will have a panel discussion within the context of Brexit, an education in cooperation talk, two days in the Eifel Mountains and a Christmas Party in November...

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NWM Beograd: You Cannot Miss a Serbian NWM in the “White City”

Andrea Adamović, the Secretary of AEGEE-Beograd and Main Organiser of the Network Meeting (NWM) in the same local, can count on the contribution of an amazing Board. As far as can be told, it seems that they will be hosting a successful NWM, the fifth NWMs this autumn...

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NWM Cagliari, Back to That Piece of the Continent

You can call her the NetCom of the Two Isles...

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Are You a NWM Newbie? AEGEE-Ploieşti Comes to Your Help!

AEGEE-Ploieşti, a small, but brave Romanian local is the first antenna to open the Network Meeting (NWM) season this year. Their event, “NWM Ploieşti 2016-Racking up milestones”, will grab your attention for sure...

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A NWM Organised by a Small German AEGEE Antenna

AEGEE-Mannheim is organising a Network Meeting (NWM) on the end of the next April. We have spoken with Chantal Schmalkoke, Responsible for Internal Issues, who also tells us something about the future plans of the German Antenna.

The AEGEEan: Why did you apply to host the NWM?

Chantal: We wanted t...

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AEGEE-Bratislava Is Organising a Revolutionary Network Meeting

AEGEE-Bratislava is organising a Network Meeting (NWM) in a place which is not a school or a gym. We have spoken with Miska Kliska, President of AEGEE-Bratislava, who reveals something about the future plans of the Slovakian antenna.
The AEGEEan: Why did you apply to host the NWM?
Miska: The N...
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