List of NYE Events 2016-2017, part 1

This year, every member of AEGEE can choose from lots of New Year’s Events to spend the last days of 2016 with some European friends, outside their native city. Many antennae are planning a NYE such as: Utrecht, Maribor, Zagreb, Skopje, Napoli. In this article, we will provide you more information about some of these events.


advent-zagreb-unoAEGEE-Zagreb- “Zagreb ADVENTure”

The first NYE, even though it’s held between 8-11 December, is Zagreb ADVENTure: Walking in the Christmas Wonderland. Nika Alujevic, the Main Organiser, told us some details about the event. “During the ADVENTure, the participants will visit a Christmas market under thousands of lights that create a special, magical atmosphere and make you instantly feel as if you stepped into the fairy tale. The AEGEEans will be dancing at the numerous concerts on the streets, skating next to the DJs from a rink in front of a theatre. After that,  they will warm up with mulled wine, punch and hot chocolate, and try some Croatian traditional sweets.

Apart from living in a Zagreb Christmas Fairy Tale, the participants will have some workshops about Croatian history and culture, an Europtimism workshop, a Christmas (and maybe snowy) treasure hunt, a pub crawl with some intriguing Christmas & Croatian drinks and really original tasks. Of course, every evening will end with a party. The AEGEEans will have a chance to discover the nightlife variety  Zagreb has to offer (the live AEGEE-Zagreb concert battle of the bands, a Christmas party, karaoke, and more surprises).

Now, warm up with watching some videos like this one here.  Still hesitating? Are you eager to meet the famous AEGEE-Zagreb people and see how the second best organizers of the Summer Universities 2016 and organizers of EPM 2017 celebrate Christmas in their beautiful city of million hearts? [she smiles, ed.] This is your unique chance! Don’t miss it!”

AEGEE-Zagreb will accept 20 lucky participants that will show the best motivation for joining their event.

You can find more information on their Facebook event clicking here, apply on Intranet here and fill in the Google form here.


napoli-unoAEGEE-Napoli- “Neapolis on Fire”

William Andrea Mazza, the Main Organizer of “Neapolis on fire: a Nap(less) experience!” and the IT Responsible of AEGE-Napoli, told us that AEGEE-Napoli is working hard these days to arrange all the activities and, of course, the social programme for the event. The Italian antenna is planning to have the best NYE night AEGEE has never seen: a dinner with typical Neapolitan dishes and crazily weird, superstitious traditions to let their participants fully discover their culture and live the NYE night. At midnight they will see the fireworks and after they will keep celebrating at the seaside party held every New Year’s Eve in the city.

There are so many good reasons for AEGEE members to apply to the event:

  • Napoli is a city full of unique traditions and daily routines that reach their best at a NYE.
  • The Church of St. Gregory of Armenia and the nativity scene statues’ shops, markets and the music everywhere conjure an unique atmosphere.
  • So do the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the castles, the breathing views of the gulf, the churches, the monuments etc.
  • The activities the organisers of AEGEE-Napoli have planned will let the participants totally immerse in the Napolitan culture and lifestyle. They will be able to see the historical centre, the seaside, the castles, the archaeological site of Pompei, Salerno and the “Luci d’Artista” that makes the city a must during Christmas holidays.

AEGEE-Napoli will host 20 participants and it will do the best to have the most culturally different group.

You can find more information here, apply to the event filling the Intranet form here and the Google form here.


utrecht-dueAEGEE-Utrecht- “Bucket List”

The third NYE on this list is AEGEE-Utrecht’s Dutch Up Your Bucket List!. This year, the programme   will include many exciting activities. It will have a thrilling fire breathing workshop from a circus expert, beside experiencing new kinds of foods and participating in an old Dutch tradition of diving into the sea at the first of January. Furthermore, there are lots of parties in a vibrant student city of Utrecht.

The legendary European night. Adventure edition, visiting student clubs, an awesome New Year’s party, and a pub crawl are also included in the event. The participants will thus not only discover the nightlife of Utrecht, but cultural activities such as: an underground tour of the city, ascending the ancient Dom tower and a class in Dutch as well. Plus, there are more nice surprises!

So, there are many reasons to apply to the event. For example, where else can you find the event that will change your life, push you out of your comfort zone, combined with the best parties and best people? This is the best start of the new year that anyone can wish for. Utrecht is definitely the place to be this year!

The Dutch antenna will accept 25 participants. You can apply for the event by filling in the Intranet form here and the Google form here. You can find further info about the event here. You can also watch their promotional video by clicking here.

Good luck to everyone!

Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari