Spring Network Meetings 2017: Ten Opportunities to Grow Together! #1

Spring is right in front of us, and Spring Network Meetings follow closely. The Network is once again presented with ten amazing opportunities to grow stronger together, create fruitful alliances and share best practices. Here you can find the first five: AEGEE-Debrecen, AEGEE-Thessaloniki, AEGEE-Bilbao, AEGEE-Heidelberg and AEGEE-Nijmegen. For the following five, click here.


140618122112-hungary-debrecen-horizontal-large-galleryNWM Debrecen: The phoenix rises again

When it comes to AEGEE, sometimes it is like a double-edged sword. You have the benefit of experiencing and getting into the democratic process, assume responsibilities and make yourself heard at the European level. At the same time, there is a threat of people coming and going all the time, AEGEE represents just a few years of their lives for most of the members. This pilgrimage can sometimes affect the balance of an antenna or even the whole Network; some other times it could also create better leaders and the feeling of being part of this legacy could motivate people even more. AEGEE-Debrecen is no less than this, a few motivated members that will “rise again” and make their voices heard. We will tackle together all these issues and find real solutions for our locals and the Network. How can you get more inspired, if not in a place where inspired people are working and living? Come to discover the capital and the second biggest city in Hungary, its cuisine and its biggest treasure: the great AEGEEans living there!

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THESSALONIKI-8NWM Thessaloniki: Find your thess-aurus
Are you an AEGEEan and you would like to know more about our organisation? Do you wish to gain knowledge and develop your skills in combination with meeting with more than 30 people from all over Europe? Do you want to join a journey to explore AEGEE and yourself? Then the NWM Thessaloniki: Find your thess-aurus is the right event for you! Join us in the beautiful Greek city of Thessaloniki and explore your potential and the AEGEE spirit (except the mattresses and the sleeping bags, we will have real beds!). A team of trainers will help you find your thess-aurus, so do not wait anymore! See you in Thessaloniki!

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Bilbao-deluxe1NWM Bilbao: The North is Worth a Meeting

For the second time in six years, AEGEE-Bilbao is proud to invite you all to the NWM: The North is Worth a Meeting. On the second weekend of April, 52 young AEGEEans will gather in Berriz for one of the greatest AEGEE events: a Network Meeting! During three days, invaded by the AEGEE spirit, all the beloved participants will have a great time in a traditional cosy village, being surrounded by lovely nature and learning about the Basque language and the culture. We are going to focus on the needs of the locals: what they want to learn and improve, what they want to share. Also, we can count on some special help to make the wishes of our participants come true.
If you want to discover what is going on in Bilbao, do not miss this opportunity!

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Sommerkurs-HeidelbergNWM Heidelberg: Breaking the ice with Friedrich

Breaking the ice with Friedrich is your best opportunity to discover the most romantic city in Germany. Spend the whole weekend with 50 other AEGEEans sharing ideas and opinions and enjoying the best AEGEEan atmosphere. We even have a whole afternoon full of games and opportunities to discover the area! We are not saying that it will be the best NWM of the season but…. well, yes, we can say that! You will not regret joining us! A really participative NWM where you can have a say about the sessions beforehand! Do not let the others tell you about it, be part of NWM Heidelberg!

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002-NijmegenNWM Nijmegen: Bridges across Europe

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, yet it is full of young people, including many AEGEEans. The best part of this Network Meeting will be the variation. The programme contains thematic sessions including a conference about equal rights, as well as organisational sessions provided by at least five different people. You will receive a bike for the whole duration of the event, allowing you to get plenty of fresh air during the day, while you crawl from pub to pub in the night!

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This is part one of a two-parts article. More NWMs are coming soon.


Written by the Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe