Dennis Bosman for the Audit Commission: “Proper knowledge transfer, more transparency and better storage of previous financial reports”

Dennis Bosman form AEGEE-Nijmegen has definitely a passion, which may work to his advantage. He has a degree in banking and insurance, he is studying business administration and he had his internship on this field. Moreover, he is a SubCommie to the Audit Commission. Read about him here and learn about his plans to reform the Commission and create a more solid basis to it.


16681731_10209547046965695_6786650072983481132_nThe AEGEEan: Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Dennis: My name is Dennis Bosman. I’m 22 years old and I live in Nijmegen. I am almost finished with my Bachelor in business administration. In my spare time I love to watch good TV series or a nice movie. I have been a member of AEGEE-Nijmegen for almost two years now and currently I’m the treasurer.

What is your experience with economics and how did you decide to candidate for the Audit Commission?

I have a degree in banking and insurance and I almost have my Bachelor’s in business administration. Ever since high school I have been interested in economics because it connects the whole world. Everywhere you look you can see economics and that is what I love the most about it. I have decided to run for the Audit Commission because I have been a SubCommie since Agora Chișinău. Now I have more time to devote to the Commission, so I decided to run officially.

Could you share already some points from your programme?

My programme contains three key points: proper knowledge transfer, more transparency and better storage of previous financial reports.

How do you plan to implement these?

13254116_1782825475272303_3411041483802336360_nAs SubCommie, I have received a lot of questions about how to fill in a financial report. By creating a document which explains what to fill in and where, I hope filling in the financial report gets easier for the treasurer and therefore more fun! My second point is transparency. There should be more transparency between locals and the Audit Commission. Currently we only receive a financial report and we must assume it is filled in properly. By receiving the administration of the local as well, we can audit the local more accurately. It also gives the Audit Commission a better overview of the financial states of the locals. I want to implement this by just asking it to the locals. In case that will not work, we can submit a proposal at Agora Catania of the Agora after Catania. The last point is better storage of the previous financial reports. Currently, they are stored per year in one big file. It is very unclear and hard to find what you need. By storing the documents just like they were handed in, it’s not only easier to search for a specific local, it’s also much clearer to find the data you need.

In your programme you refer to “the creation of the local-by-local storage for the previous years of Audit Commissioners”. What do you think in your point of view was done wrongly in the past and how are you changing it?

The fact that one year is all stored in one Excel sheet is very inconvenient. It’s easy to misread and, therefore, easy to make mistakes. By storing the documents the way we receive them, you’ll have one file per local so it’s easier to read and easier to compare the reports whit the reports of one year ago.

17264108_10208751500609332_9121396307412580153_nWhich skills did your experience as SubCommie help you develop and which sides do you need to strengthen?

My communication skills and my teamwork have definitely improved. By working in an international team I have learned a lot. One thing that I might improve is my Dutch directness, since not every culture likes it and as Audit Commissioner you have to work whit a lot of different cultures. I want to work at my directness.

You say that your previous experience can add value to the Audit Commission. Could you give us some examples?

Currently, I am also in the Audit Commission of International Students Organization Nijmegen and I have done an internship in an accounting company. My main job was to check the administration and fill in the tax forms.


You can read his full candidature here.

Written by Vasiliki Andrioti, AEGEE-Ioannina