Vasiliki Andrioti

“Alicante on Fire” for Hogueras de San Juan

The festivals of  Midsummer’s Eve, known as Saint John’s Eve among Christians, have roots in ancient celebrations related to the summer solstice. Bonfires were lit to protect against evil spirits which were believed to roam freely when the sun was turning southward again. The Bonfires of Saint John’s (Hogueras de San Juan) is a traditional and popular festival, customary for… Read more →

“Faces Of Europe” and “Summer University” are the Winners of the Charlemagne Youth Prize in Romania and Slovakia

The Charlemagne Youth Prize is one of the most prestigious European Prizes. It has been awarded annually since 1950 by the city οf Aachen, Germany, to people who contributed to the ideals upon which it has been founded. It commemorates Charlemagne, ruler of the Frankish Empire, who resided and is buried in Aachen. Traditionally the award is given to the… Read more →

Evrim Emiroğlu for the Network Commission: “After five years of AEGEE life, I feel that this is the only thing that keeps me motivated to stay and contribute to the organisation with my knowledge”

Evrim Emiroğlu from AEGEE-Eskisehir is candidating for the Network Commission. She has given an interview to us sharing her programme, which focuses mainly on increasing the communication between locals and their collaboration with the European bodies through “an information transfer platform/channel”, as well as it underlines the importance of thematic events. She is also discussing with us the current political… Read more →

Marco Daniele for Member of the Comité Directeur: “I believe AEGEE has a bright future: in the upcoming years of political and social confusion, we’ll find the chance to become an example for Europe”

“All of my AEGEE experience can be resumed with these two words: local level. I am a proud member of the process that took an almost dead local to be one of the strongest antennae in our area and I took part in almost every single task in doing that.” This summarises the impression that Marco Daniele from AEGEE-Torino left… Read more →

Dennis Bosman for the Audit Commission: “Proper knowledge transfer, more transparency and better storage of previous financial reports”

Dennis Bosman form AEGEE-Nijmegen has definitely a passion, which may work to his advantage. He has a degree in banking and insurance, he is studying business administration and he had his internship on this field. Moreover, he is a SubCommie to the Audit Commission. Read about him here and learn about his plans to reform the Commission and create a… Read more →

Marco Bentoglio for European Citizenship WG Coordinator: “Citizenship in Europe for me is this: feeling European”

Marco Bentoglio from AEGEE-Bergamo is running as a Coordinator of the European Citizenship Working Group. In order to deepen the knowledge of the Network on him and his programme, before the Agora he has given an interview to The AEGEEan answering both our questions and questions coming from the Network. The AEGEEan: Could you present yourself to the readers of The AEGEEan?… Read more →

Elena Efremova for the Network Commission:”It is a huge responsibility, but right now, I feel that this is the right position for me”

Nowadays, Elena Efremova from AEGEE-Grodno is the girl who takes on responsibilities in many fields and manages to multitask and keep control over her duties. This is the way she has already worked in AEGEE by getting involved in various European Bodies, learning from them and collaborating with them. Ahead of her presentation at the Agora in two weeks, she was interviewed by… Read more →

Our Big Fat Greek Winter University: Wanderlust Around Greece

One event. 13 days. Six cities. 23 participants and almost 25 organisers. “Our Big Fat Greek Winter University” was the New Year Event organised by the greek speaking antennae of AEGEE-Athina, AEGEE-Peiraias, AEGEE-Patra, AEGEE-Ioannina, AEGEE-Thessaloniki and AEGEE-Kastoria, between the 28th of December 2016 and the 9th of January 2017. This NYE was one of its kind! An ambitious plan and… Read more →