Bigger, Better, Stronger… The Agora Mentorship is back!

Agora Mentorship, the aspiring project of the Human Resources Committee, which will be actively reintroduced during Agora Enschede, aims at making the members more aware of what is happening during the big Statutory Meeting. No more people with the “what the hell is going on” face and, hopefully, no more sleeping beauties as well.

18575205_10210268534562434_1926467083_oEach Agora, we see a lot of people applying without having sometimes any clue of what is an Agora and get easily lost or with the rather confusing AEGEE “slang” that is frequently used, such as “CIA”, “Prytanium”, “proposal”. With the Agora Mentorship System, we dream to make the Agora (especially if it is the first one) a little bit less scary and confusing, enabling participants to fully enjoy and participate.

Agora Mentorship had previous versions in 2015, but now the HRC is bringing it back.  Namely because it  is one of the HRC’s most visible projects, and a perfect example of how the Human Resources Committee wants to tackle the issues AEGEEans are facing, making them more familiar with the structure of the association and preparing them into exploring their potential within it.

Agora Mentorship has had a number of different stages. As you may have already noticed we have launched open calls for mentors (meaning experienced AEGEEans with significant knowledge about the Agora and the whole organisational structure) and mentees (meaning the newcomers or the people who want to learn more and eventually become mentors during the next launch of the Project). Currently, we have 27 mentors and 62 mentees, which are grouped according to the needs expressed by the mentees.

Apart from the pairing, HRC has been working into actively preparing mentors into their demanding job by collaborating with other Bodies, as the Chair Team and the Juridical Commission. This preparation involved preparatory Hangouts/Skype meetings in which we discussed the duties they have, but also the knowledge needed to properly inform and mentor their mentees.

Besides that, we have also sent reading material to both the mentors (more advanced) and mentees (basics) to prepare themselves individually. Next to our Skypes, all mentors also had their own meetings with their mentees, varying from two-hour-long-Skypes to Facebook chat groups.

18578999_10210268534282427_969503448_nDuring the Agora, apart from the pairs, Agora Mentorship Project will be available for every single participant! Yes, you read it correct! We would like to thank the local organisers for supporting our idea of having a live helpdesk, meaning a place where participants can come and meet us, HRC members (during coffee breaks and lunches). Furthermore, we will also provide the possibility to ask clarifications and questions about the Agora through our online helpdesk (during plenary). Just write on our Facebook page (try not to complain about the food or the gym). Speaking of which, we have already started explaining the basics by daily posts. So be sure you pressed the like button! Last but not least, HRC members will hold the Agora for Newbies Workshop during the Agora. So if you are a fresh member, join us.

Closing this article,  we want to invite the participants of the Agora to come and meet us during the Fair or at our live helpdesk, in order not only to learn more about the Agora but also explore the possibilities and support our committee is offering to them and their locals.


Written by Elena Panagopoulou, on behalf of Human Resources Committee