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Bigger, Better, Stronger… The Agora Mentorship is back!

Agora Mentorship, the aspiring project of the Human Resources Committee, which will be actively reintroduced during Agora Enschede, aims at making the members more aware of what is happening during the big Statutory Meeting. No more people with the “what the hell is going on” face and, hopefully, no more sleeping beauties as well. Each Agora, we see a lot of… Read more →

Svenja van der Tol for Youth Development WG Coordinator: “I would really like to make the Youth Development Focus Area more than words”

After one year in Brussels as Secretary General and counless experiences both with her local AEGEE-Nijmegen and at the European level, Svenja van der Tol has been really active in bringing back to life the Human Resources Committee of AEGEE-Europe and she is now candidating as Coordinator of the Youth Development Working Group. We interviewed her about it.  The AEGEEan: Could… Read more →

Carmelo De Marco: “AEGEE Simply Needs People Who Want to Develop and Improve Themselves”

There is a body in AEGEE that deals with what is most important in our association: members. It’s the Human Resources Committee, working on the wiki, knowledge transfer and mentorship system among others. We spoke with the soon-to-be-former speaker of the HRC, Carmelo De Marco from AEGEE-Agrigento, who was a Member of the Month nominee some time ago.   The… Read more →