The close of a Chapter and end of a wonderful journey; Goodbye CD56…

Time passes away quickly, even in AEGEE. Last summer, after Agora Krakow in 2018, a new Comite Directeur, the 56th since AEGEE’s foundation in April 1985, was elected to be in charge of this European students’ association. Knowing that these times are complicated in a political, economic, social, educational, sexual, and environmental way, it was, and still is, full of old and new challenges. 2018/19 of course had an active, hard-working CD which kept the essence of AEGEE and made real new initiatives at the same time (mental health, SMASH project…) that could be further developed in the future; realising many objectives that are still far away from the current days.

Who are these members that completed their board term in July, to start a new life after living together in Brussels for a year? And what are their feelings after leaving the AEGEE House? Alejandra Piot Pérez-Abadín (AEGEE-A Coruña, Spain), previous Communications and Internal Education Director, and current Youth Development Working Group Coordinator illustrates these experiences and feelings in this short feature.

Twelve months of being part of the Comité Directeur can teach you a lot, and in our case, it was no different.  Our journey began in the middle of July 2018, with two intensive knowledge transfer weeks, and on the 1st of August we took charge and started this adventure!

Ups and downs, work, a lot of work, we couldn’t have imagined how much, stress, but also good moments, really good ones! Nights of cooking together and having fun in the house, traveling together to the Agora or EPM, as well as traveling on our own to other events, waking up in the morning and seeing the same people, talking about everything, and standing together until the end as a team. 

The journey is hard, it has a lot of obstacles, but what you win cannot be described in words. You win in friendship, skills, competences, emotions, overall, you will mainly win. 

The journey ended on the 31st of July, but all the memories and everything we gained will remain with us forever. We will remember each other and all the moments we spent together with laughter and a big smile, because yes, we laughed a lot! 

We will see each other again and all the happiness will come, and all the memories, as, an experience like this, is unforgettable and creates true friendships. 

Thank you for trusting us for that year and we wish the best of luck to the current Comité Directeur, we are sure they will do an amazing job!