Local of the month, February 2020: AEGEE Barcelona!

The European Planning Meeting, an important statutory event of AEGEE Europe, was hosted this year at Barcelona! They organised an exceptional event and we are happy to introduce AEGEE Barcelona as the Local of the Month, February 2020!

Congratulations on being awarded the Local of the Month! We’re to hear more about you!

First of all, we want to let you know that we are glad to be the Local of the month. In AEGEE-Barcelona, we have a total of 46 members and 11 active ones.

About the activities that we are organised, the biggest one of this year was the EPM 2020! It was a success and  we are thankful to our active members which together made the best team. In order to motivate the members, we also organised several events such as calçotada and many other interesting local activities to enjoy time with our members.

What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve had in your local?

It’s difficult to choose the most memorable moment that our antenna had because we have had plenty of them. But absolutely, we have to mention that the great environment that we created at the EPM 2020 will always be in our hearts.

What has been the key to your success. In which areas have you needed more help and development?

For our success, definitely it would be our aim to organise the best event of the year and we achieved it! In the areas that we need more help and development,  maybe to motivate our members. As all the antennas know, it’s not an easy task, sometimes it’s even hard to find the perfect events for each member. Because each of us have different appeals, but there are plenty of events that can be ideal for some members and not so for the others. The point is to organize different local activities to get to know our active members and to motivate them to go to the events that suit them.

Some words of wisdom to other locals?

We know that we are not the perfect antenna, but we always try to show the best of ourselves and make the best events for Europe. We want to say that you should not forget to find the things that you are the best at and show it to the world.

Any closing remarks?

Now, we are aware of COVID-19 and we want to give some words of support to all the people who suffer from or due to this illness and the ones that are staying home to not infect others. Some antennas such as Aegee Leon or Aegee Alicante are making a great effort to not lose our essence of globalised society and a united world. We are so proud of the workshops that they are organizing.